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Rohit Somani
(IIT Kanpur)

My three year journey with MATRUSRI was learning in itself. The foundation course not only had an extensive knowledge base, but there was much more to learn from it. In MATRUSRI, it was more about skills than knowledge, and more about effort than marks. The importance of hard work, sacrifice and clarity of thought was conveyed in a very efficient manner. These skills not only help one in exams, but also elsewhere. That is what makes MATRUSRI so special. I would like to thank all the teachers at MATRUSRI, especially Agarwal Sir for all that they have given me. Thank you

Dr. Vijay Somani
Parent of Rohit Somani

My son Rohit joined MATRUSRI classes in his 8th grade. His journey and experience were very nice, and he has had very good achievements in his career. All the basic concepts of the PCM group were very well solved after joining these classes. This class is not only helpful for JEE-Mains and advanced examinations but also for all competitive examinations, such as Olympiad, NTS, and Homi Bhaba.

I am personally very thankful to Shri Sharad Agarwal sir, and the team at MATRUSRI. I will personally recommend every student, from almost 7th grade onwards, join this class and prepare for further education. After joining this class, Rohit has seen much improvement in his performance and confidence too. The approach of Agarwal Sir with students is very familiar. Surely every student will benefit from these classes. I wish you the best for your efforts to make students courageous and grow in performance. I will recommend students to join MATRUSRI Foundation classes. Thank you.

Pradyumna Deshmukh
IIT Kanpur

I was in MATRUSRI from 8th standard. The guidance & coaching that I received here was very helpful in cracking exams like NTSE, Scholarship etc. All the teachers especially Agarwal Sir, Pandit Sir, Joshi Sir provided great guidance. MATRUSRI inculcated in me the habit of thinking rationally and avoid short-cuts. I am very grateful to MATRUSRI for helping me to crack JEE Advanced.

Dr. Manjusha P. Deshmukh
Parent of Pradyumna Deshmukh

My son Pradyumna studied at MATRUSRI from 8th to 10th with NTSE. With MATRUSRI and Agarwal Sir’s guidance he got admission in IIT Kanpur. The competition & teaching provided by MATRUSRI made it easy for him to achieve his goal.

Thank you Sir & team

Ayush Durbude
NAIR College Mumbai

I was in those students who joined MATRUSRI in Std. 9th but never took it seriously. MATRUSRI taught me to take the foundation & even extra classes seriously. The content provided by this class is very useful for preparing for competitive exams. The motivation provided by Agarwal Sir is priceless and most attractive thing is that, the teachers always provide a ground where a topper will always have a down to earth attitude. At last I express my huge gratitude to MATRUSRI.

Dr. D. Durbude
Parent of Ayush Durbude

Thanks to MATRUSRI Foundation Classes for making his foundation strong, this is supposed to be pre-requisite for making the completion of today’s education system.

Before joining this class, I being the parent was not convinced about the extra class rather than the regular school. But now I realized how much the foundation class is essential for student to compete in the today’s competition.

Hence, I would like to thanks once again to MATRUSRI Classes for succeeding my son in the NEET medical entrance examination. Thank you.

Vidhi Mantri
J.J. College Mumbai

I did my 10th foundation and NTSE from MATRUSRI Classes. Even though our batch was conducted online because of pandemic, the classes were organized properly with enough interaction between student and teachers. Agarwal Sir’s constant guidance and powerful words helped me a lot. MATRUSRI made my foundation strong which helped me stand ahead in this competitive environment. I thank Agarwal Sir and the whole MATRUSRI staff for their aiding us in our goal.

Vilas Mantri
Parent of Vidhi Mantri

Vidhi did her coaching for the 10th foundation. She passed her NEET with a score of 655/720. MATRUSRI Classes’ foundation made this possible. Agarwal Sir’s guidance and direction really helped her crack NTSE level-I, NEET, and other academic excellence.

I as Vidhi’s parent am really grateful to the MATRUSRI teaching staff for their guidance and hard work put into the success of my ward.

Tejas Joshi
IIT Madras

I, Tejas Joshi, joined MATRUSRI in 7th class. The rigidity of Math’s, dynamics of Physics and vividity of Chemistry was introduced to me here at first. I am very much grateful to Sharad Agarwal Sir for giving so much effort and dedication to us dear students. It would not have been possible for me to have 14 Rank in Stage I of NTSE, AIR 689 in JEE Main and AIR 747 in JEE Advanced without the spirit of studiousness, determination, concept-clarity etc.,inculcated in me at such an apt and tender age. Agarwal Sir’s innovative methods and brute force, hard-core techniques along-with elegance in solving questions in Maths went a long way in ingraining in me the spirit of Mathematics not only for competitive exams but as a pure subject in itself. I will not certainly be able to repay the debt that I have so incurred.

Also thanks to Kalpana Ma’am and Naseem Sir for their constant watch on us students, and keeping me on the right track when I had swayed away a bit.

गजानन जोशी
Parent of Tejas Joshi

तेजसला मातृश्री ने सातवीत असल्यापासून मार्गदर्शन केले. श्री शरद अग्रवाल सर यांचे परिपूर्ण, शिस्तवद्ध व तितकेच प्रेमळ मार्गदर्शन लाभले. मातृश्रीचे सर्व अध्यापक वृंद व सर्व सहकारी यांच्या अमूल्य मार्गदशनाने आय. आय. टी. ला यश मिळाले. विद्यार्थी मध्ये अभ्यासा बद्दल जबावदारीची जाणिव निर्माण करणे हे मातृश्री चे यश आहे. धन्यवाद.

Atharv Roday
IIT Powai

I am Atharv Roday and I have been part of MATRUSRI Foundation from class 8th to class 10th. The faculties here are really supportive and experienced and motivate us to work hard. Support and motivation of the teachers was highly beneficial for the future aspirants. I would highly recommend MATRUSRI for a strong foundation.

Quraishi A. Rahman
IIT Powai

MATRUSRI foundation for IIT had helped me a lot in my complete preparation of 11th and 12th. It helped me to boost my preparation and it made my basic concepts very strong.

At last I would thank all the faculty members for their support and guidance.

Saud Quadri
IIT Powai

MATRUSRI foundation had helped me build a proper base required to tackle the challenges of 11th & 12th. I would like to thank all the faculty especially Agarwal Sir, for their guidance and support. The method of assessment wherein we had to solve the problems completing step-wise was indeed helpful. Thanks

Ahmed Mati Quadri
Parent of Saud Quadri

Thanks a lot for all your guidance & support at every stage of preparation for IIT. We are very happy & satisfied to join MATRUSRI Classes for foundation course.

Thanks again

Trupti Lande
IIT Powai

Myself, Trupti Lande, I became part of MATRUSRI family in class 10th for NTSE. I regret joining MATRUSRI too late. I thank the entire MATRUSRI family for being an eternal pillar in my preparation for JEE. I learnt an important lesson of life ‘Punctuality’ from Sharad Agarwal Sir. All the teaching as well as non-teaching staff are very supportive and kind. All the concepts taught during NTSE were very useful during JEE. Thank you MATRUSRI.

Bandu Lande
Parent of Trupti Lande

Sir, my daughter, Trupti Lande, joined for NTSE class and also passed 2nd round. The learning experience is very much importance for her, she learns lots more about time management, time punctuality and she was inspired with online classes.

Now I am a proud parent she got IIT Powai (Chem.). She learnt a lot from MATRUSRI classes and definitely my son Tejas will join from 8th class in MATRUSRI which my daughter missed. Thank you Sir

Pushkar Kale
G.M.C. H. Kolhapur

I am Pushkar Kale. My NEET score is 610. I joined MATRUSRI in 10th Class for NTSE. I qualified 1st level of NTSE. The most important quality that I liked about MATRUSRI is ‘Discipline’ in everything that you do. Agarwal Sir time to time monitored our studies. I am greatful to MATRUSRI’s entire team & owe my success to them.

Parent of Pushkar Kale

माझा मुलगा पुष्कर काळे ( NTSE ) class चा Student होता. NTSE ची तयारी करत असताना त्याचा Science & Maths चे concepts खुप छान तयार झाले, त्यामुळे तो NEET-exam मद्ये चांगला स्कोर करु शकला. Thanks to Respected Agarwal sir.
सर आपका आशिर्वाद भविष्य मे भी पुष्कर के साथ रहे, ऐसी आशा करता हॅू धन्यवाद.

Arnav Garg
IIT Roorkee

I joined MATRUSRI Classes in Class 8th for foundation and my thinking process was changed completely. I started to think more deeply and all the teachers here in MATRUSRI supported lot especially Agarwal Sir. Sir’s classes used to be full of brain-storming and fun and interactive at the same time. I cleared NTSE (I) with the guidance and the accurate tests given to us during pandemic.

Finally, I would like to thank all the staff and teachers of MATRUSRI for helping me to achieve my aim to get into top five IIT’s.

Manoj Garg
Parent of Arnav Garg

First of all I would like to say thank you to MATRUSRI Foundation to create motivation and positivity in children. This motivation and positivity is very helpful to get success in JEE Advance.

Once again I would like to say thank you to all MATRUSRI Foundation teachers and especially Agarwal Sir.

Aaryan Bondekar
IIT Guwahati

MATRUSRI Foundation changed my life. The guidance provided made me understand the importance of career, which eventually led me to pursue JEE Advance. I scored 99.34%ile in JEE Mains & 5858 in JEE Advanced. Agarwal Sir along with other faculty provided a strong academic base for 11th and 12th which helped me a lot and for which I am very thankful. I also cracked NTSE level 1st with help of MATRUSRI Foundation. It is strongly recommended for anyone to join MATRUSRI after class 7th in order to develop your intelligence along with other skills.

Dr. Swapna Bondekar
Parent of Aryan Bondekar

We are really lucky to be part of the MATRUSRI family. Aaryan was associated with you from 8th to 10th for foundation and NTSE. During that tenure of physical classes, I was called to the institute for his mischief during classes. I was so unhappy and confused, but Agarwal Sir said, Mam, don’t worry, he will be something good; he will perform in exams and give results.

During his 11th and 12th grades, right from class selection to what branch to choose, we always consulted Agarwal Sir. Aaryan used to feel low or pressured; he used to call Sir and take his guidance. No words can actually express our gratitude.

Thank you, Kalpana Mam, for your concern throughout. During the pandemic, sometimes we used to listen to lectures, and I always appreciated how dedicated everyone was.

Thank you so much, all.

Aditya Dhaygude
G.M.C.H. Dhule

I was in MATRUSRI classes since 8th. MATRUSRI Classes has helped me a lot in building up a strong foundation. It helped to stay ahead in the class 11th & 12th. Teachers here taught me to think and approach problems differently.

Hence I express my gratitude towards all MATRUSRI faculty and teaching staff.

Sachin Dhayagude
Parent of Aditya Dhaygude

Thanks a lot for giving us opportunity to share feedback with you. Your support, guidance, caring nature helped my son to build strong foundation of NEET. We have recommended our cousin Samrudhi to join MATRUSRI, she joined MATRUSRI from Ambajogai.

Snehal Shinde
Parent of Sanika Shinde
G.M.C.H. Aurangabad

मी सानिका शिंदेची आई. सर सानिकाने मातृश्री फाऊंडेशन क्लास करावा अशी माझी खूप इच्छा होती म्हणून 7
वी ते 10 वी पर्यत तिने क्लास केला. सर मी खूप आभारी आहे की तिला आपले मार्गदर्शन मिळाले. सर तिने
क्लास मध्ये खूप गोष्टी शिकल्या की 11वी 12वी मध्ये अभ्यास करणे सोपे झाले. तिने खूप संयमाने Neet
exam दिली हे श्रेय पूर्णपणे आपल्याला जाते. परिस्थितीला समोर जाण्याचे ध्येय मातृश्री फाऊंडेशनने केले. मी
माझ्या मुलीसाठी पुढच्या वर्षी हाच क्लास लावणार आहे.

Shri B. B. Khose
Parent of Shreyash Khose
G.M.C.H. Aurangabad

माझा मुलगा श्री श्रेयश भास्कर खोसे यास मातृश्री Foundation classes लावल्या मुळे खुपच फायदा झाला असुन त्यामुळे माझ्या मुलात UG NEET 2023 च्या परिक्षेत पहील्याच प्रयत्नात 720 पैकी 635 गुण मिळाले आहे. हे केवळ मातृश्री Foundation class लावल्यामुळेच शक्य झाले आहे.
करीता मातृश्री Foundation classes चे श्री अग्रवाल सर व त्यांच्या सर्व Teaching staff चे आभार.

Atul Kharat
IIT Rooper

My name is Atul Kharat, I am basically from Jalna and I made a significant decision in my 9th
grade to leave Jalna and join MATRUSRI here. I would say that was my best decision ever
made. I thank all the teaching staff especially Sharad Sir, with all my heart and gratitude for
their relentless efforts, which made me understand PCM. MATRUSRI taught me critical
thinking and various ways of solving a question. MATRUSRI laid the foundation of this
amazing feat for me.

Sahil Binayke
IIT Dhanbad

I joined MATRUSRI Foundation course from 9th std. My journey here was pretty good. The
teachers here are good, experienced and always helped me to be on the right path. The
foundation course helped me overall, in my 2 year Journey preparing for IIT-JEE. All the
teachers gave me the discipline necessary for the course.

Aadi Deshmukh
BITS Pilani (Hyderabad Campus)

I have been a student of MATRUSRI since 7th std. In today’s highly competitive and stressful education system, studying and learning at MATRUSRI has equipped me with the strong foundation, will-power and confidence required in a top level aspirant.

Math’s has always been my weak point but Agarwal Sir’s teaching method and charisma ensured I did not lose my focus. These few years will prove invaluable to my future and I credit MATRUSRI Classes for this amazing guidance.

Riddhi Ladda
IIIT Surat

I joined MATRUSRI Foundation from class 8th till class 10th and also did my NTSE preparation from MATRUSRI. I was able to qualify NTSE due to the immense hard work of the whole team of MATRUSRI only. Inspite of the pandemic the classes went on with utmost discipline. The hard work and discipline required in class 11th & 12th was taught in class 10th in MATRUSRI. Agarwal Sir taught some of the greatest life lessons apart from studies. Complete staff of MATRUSRI focuses on concept clarity. Thanks to Sikchi Sir for building a deep interest in Physics at a really early age. Thanks

Abinav Tadiparthi
NIT Raipur

I am Abhinav Tadiparthi, I joined MATRUSRI in 10th for NTSE, all teachers were very supportive and kept me always motivated and made us experience the competition outside which helped a lot. They teach a lot of values which helped me a lot in my preparation of JEE Advance. 

Thank you

Dr. T. Ravikumar
Parent of Abinav Tadiparthi

Thank you for inviting us to my son’s felicitation. This MATRUSRI classes gave a path for my kid to achieve his goal, and we are very thankful to you for your efforts and guidance throughout the tenure, even in pandemic situations.

We wish you all and institution to good future. Thank you.

Ganpat Farakate
Parent of Yash Farakate
IIIT Allahabad

I am extremely happy and proud to be part of the journey with MATRUSRI for foundation
classes. Your coaching and guidance have been real motivation for my son, Yash Farakate,
who cracked NTSE level I and scored 99.53%ile in JEE Mains and AIR 8010 in JEE Advance.
All through the years, he was very well supported and guided by you. Your personal attention
helped him always to stay on the path of his target of engineering.
Today he has got selected in IIIT Gwalior in CS. Along with that, he could also crack the NDA
written exam. All this would not have been possible without your support and guidance.
My younger son, Ishan Farakate, is already impressed by your coaching and studying with you
in 8th grade. We are looking forward to more and more success from MATRUSRI and their
students. All the very best. Thanking you.

Aniket Bhagyawant Taware
SRTR Govt. College Ambajogai

मला Neet – 2023 मध्ये 601 मार्क्स आले आहेत. त्यामध्ये मोलाचा वाटा मातृश्री फाऊंडेशनचा आहे. माझ्या Physics, Maths आणि Chemistry चा पाया मातृश्रीमुळेच पक्का झाला. मला 11वी 12वी मध्ये इतर मुलांप्रमाणे Physics, Chemistry ची कधीही भीती वाटली नाही. ते विषय मला सोपे गेले. त्याचे श्रेय मी मातृश्री फाऊंडेशनला देतो.
मातृश्री फाऊंडेशन हेच औरंगाबादमधील Real Foundation आहे

Sarthak Bhadane
Dr.Balasaheb V. P. Medical College, Loni

MATRUSRI helped me a lot for my preparation for NEET exam even before I was in 11th & 12th by making my foundation very strong. I had not joined any physical coaching classes during my preparation and whatever I have achieved in my NEET exam, the credit for that goes to MATRUSRI Classes and its faculty. I would like to thank Agarwal Sir, Sudarshan Sir, Pandit Sir and Joshi Sir for making me work and guiding me to achieve my goal.

C.M. Bhadane
Parent of Sarthak Bhadane

Sarthak joined the foundation class in 8th grade. For almost 3 years, he got very good learning and basic concepts got cleared in MATRUSRI Classes. In classes 11 and 12, he did not join any coaching classes and did self-study. He got a good score in the NEET exam.

I wish to give my thanks to Mr. Agarwal, sir, for his coaching and guidance.

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