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Grishma Kale
(KEM Mumbai)

Matrusri classes have helped me develop the application skills needed for competitive exams. I would like to thank Agarwal Sir and Joshi Sir for supporting me to achieve my goal in NEET 2017. I could develop the skill of cracking the competitive exams very well. I give the full credit to Matrusri for this.

Dr. Shilpa Kale
(Parent of Grishma Kale, KEM Mumbai)

The name itself combines the blessings of Lord ‘Sri’ and affection of mother ‘Matru’. Grishma has experienced here teaching by dedicated staff with conceptual learning that has really helped her to score very well in NEET 2017 (632/720) and qualified for AIIMS AIR 227. Thank you Matrusri’s Agarwal Sir, Joshi Sir, Pandit Sir, Agarwal Ma’am and Kalpana Ma’am.

Shruti Deshpande
(KEM Mumbai)

Matrusri’s foundation classes has helped me build up a strong base for NEET preparation. The modules and teaching techniques and guidance provided by R.C. Joshi Sir, Agarwal Sir & Agarwal Madam are brilliant. I will remain eternally grateful to Matrusri for helping me achieve this result.

Bhargavi Suradkar
(G.M.C.H. Aurangabad)

Matrusri Foundation gave me a push over other students and also provided me proper guidance, procedure and materials to follow. It made all my basic concepts clear and helped me a lot to score in NEET.Thanks to all faculty members of Matrusri.

Mr. C.D. Kanhegaonkar
(Parent of Saurabh Kanhegaonkar, University of California)

My son attended NTSE and IIT Foundation class. He got push and he himself developed in reasoning, logic. Which is base of computer science. He is keen in studies of ‘Aritificial Intelligence’ He got admission in University of California, San Diego, USA for under-graduate course in C.S. Thanks to Matrusri.

Rajesh Thorve
(IIT Powai)

I personally feel that Matrusri Foundation has been very helpful for preparation for IIT at Kota. First of all I want to clear that before joining Matrusri, I didn’t know anything about IIT or Kota. Joshi Sir always said if you want to go to IIT then study at Kota, as there is competitive atmosphere and students come from all over India. Because of Matrusri Foundation it became easier for me to adjust in Kota and was able to get success in JEE-Advance. Whole credit goes to Matrusri’s team of Agarwal Sir, Joshi Sir, Pandit Sir and Mane Mam.The competition level that I got in Matrusri was fantastic which created interest in competitive exams at national level.

Aayushi Agarwal
(IIT Powai)

I had gone to Kota for 2 years under the guidance of Joshi Sir, I believe the decision was worth it. Foundation not a necessity for other streams but it helps those who want to go for JEE exams. At Matrusri the atmosphere was competitive, the ability of logical thinking which helps in taking quick decisions will remain with me hereafter. In the end a big thank you to all teachers and staff at Matrusri and especially Joshi Sir and Agarwal Sir.

Sohan Sawant
(IIT Powai)

I was in Matrusri for two years 9th and 10th class. The foundation course was very useful when I was in Kota. The modules are very well designed. Joshi Sir’s motivation was the turning point of my life. Whoever joins Matrusri and follows the instruction will definitely go to IIT. My basic concept for IIT is made strong in Matrusri, which helped me in Kota and also in my success.

Atharva Pangarkar
(IIT Powai)

Matrusri has helped many wannabe IITians. Their help is immense and have helped students grasp basics when they start studying in 11th & 12th grade for preparation of JEE exams.The path for JEE is not easy, It requires dedication, hard work, smart work and above all diligence. In my personal opinion Matrusri helps students achieve these qualities as the teachers here are well informed and keep on motivating students for pursuing their dream. The teaching is focused on concepts and application. Dr. R.C. Joshi convinces students to go to Kota, Delhi & Hyderabad. Once admitted in any of these centers it ignites the spark of self-study in students for achieving success.

Mr. Dinesh Pangarkar
(Parent of Atharv Pangarkar, IIT Powai)

My son Atharv Pangarkar has done two years of Foundation course which really prepared him for taking up JEE- 2017. This foundation course is really outstanding considering its course content and conceptual clarity it brings in. In fact after doing this foundation the fear element pertaining to JEE was not there. Students are psychologically prepared to face any task be it JEE or NEET. As regards the role of Kota in success of my son, I must say that Kota has really prepared my son for JEE on the foundation built by Matrusri. The healthy competition and specialized courses for difficult subjects really contributed to the success. Thank you Matrusri Classes.

Siddhi Nagre
(IIT Powai)

I am Siddhi Nagre. I joined Matrusri Foundation course in Standard 10th. Matrusri and its entire team has a huge stake in what I have achieved. Especially Agarwal Sir and Joshi Sir supported all of us and guided at every step. Without this it wouldn’t have been possible. I whole heartedly thank Agarwal Sir and Matrusri for helping me achieve my dream.

Dr. Radha Nagre
(Parent of Siddhi Nagre, IIT Powai)

My daughter Siddhi S. Nagre had joined Matrusri Foundation in 10th Std. From these classes she has gained confidence that she can do IIT. Teachers of Matrusri made excellent basic platform which is needed for going to IIT. So thank you Matrusri as they had main role in Siddhi’s career of IIT.

Sarvesh Purankar
(IIT Delhi)

I went to Kota only because of Joshi Sir. In Kota, I got the competition that I think I would not have got anywhere else. The friends, their thoughts, Understanding teachers, their support, these are the beneficial things I got there. There are some ups and downs in studies but with the help of parents and good friends I overcame. The atmosphere in Kota is so competitive, you will not get this kind of competition anywhere in India. These all strong points of mine were nurtured in Matrusri, I thank Joshi Sir and Agarwal Sir.

Amit Daud
(IIT Chennai)

I would like to thank Matrusri Classes for support and motivation to achieve success. The syllabus of Matrusri helped us for 11th & 12th, we were able to study without any tension at Kota. Joshi Sir motivated for Kota and Pandit Sir took out the fear of Physics. The whole faculty at Matrusri is great and played very important role in IIT-JEE journey. Thank you Matrusri for making us strong to face tough competition like JEE exams.

Varad Joshi
(IIT Chennai)

My journey with Matrusri started in 2012. I am sincerely grateful to Matrusri for their immense support and guidance throughout these years. Matrusri has played a significant role in changing my mindset for studies. Earlier I used to study for school board exams only, Matrusri widened my vision and encouraged me to prepare for JEE. Agarwal Sir has been my favorite through out as Maths is my favorite subject. I thank Joshi Sir for his constant scolding which brought me on the right track. I am thankful to Matrusri team.

Mrs. Manjiri Joshi
(Parent of Varad Joshi, IIT Chennai)

My son did his preparation for NTSE & IIT Foundation from Matrusri Classes. The foundation laid by Matrusri made it easy for preparing JEE. The excellent teaching / guidance by Agarwal Sir, Joshi Sir motivated him to prepare for JEE-Advance from Kota. Whatever he has achieved today is because of Matrusri Classes.Thanks to the team of Matrusri Foundation Classes.

Rushikesh Najan
(IIT Kanpur)

I started my journey to become an IITian when I joined Matrusri in 7th Class. Today, as I have secured a good rank, I feel that Matrusri had given me a head start. I was able to handle the studies very smoothly during 11th and 12th because of Matrusri Foundation Classes. Dr. R.C. Joshi Sir inspired me to pursue studies in the science field. I am thankful to Matrusri.

जयवंत नजन
(Parent of Rushikesh Najan, IIT Kanpur)

तणाव न घेता स्पर्धेला सामोरे कसे जायचे हे मातृश्रीने शिकवले. तसेच यशाचा आलेख नेहमी उंचावत कसा न्यायचा हे मातृश्रीने शिकवले.

Swapneet Lahoti
(IIT Kharagpur)

Matrusri has a big role in my success. When a student moves from 10th to 11th they face difficulty due to steep rise in level of studies, but due to Matrusri it was much smooth sailing for me. All the topics were familiar, all the basic oncepts were clear especially in Mathematics. The modules are very well designed which helps a lot in very difficult situations because of its presentation. In the end I would like to thank Matrusri for the guidance and inspiration to do nothing but IIT. I would say that this is the best foundation institute in the country.

Dr. S.R. Lahoti
(Parent of Swapneet Lahoti, IIT Kharagpur)

My son Swapneet got good rank in JEE and BITS only because of the sound and strong foundation of Matrusri. The spark of IIT was ignited by Joshi Sir, Agarwal Sir and the team of Matrusri right from the start. The efforts taken by Agarwal Sir are really very effective and long lasting. Matrusri inculcated the spirit of competition and hard work and sincerity in Swapneet. The confidence given by Matrusri will help him throughout life at every stage. We are really grateful.

Saurabh Yerawar
(IIT Kharagpur)

I would like to thank parents for supporting and believing in me and my excellent teachers at Matrusri who have been the best academic mentors and have also encouraged and shown faith in me throughout. I owe my achievement to them.

Mrs. Y.S. Yerawar
(Parent of Saurabh Yerawar, IIT Kharagpur)

I can proudly say that I have been a witness to my son’s efforts & his hard work. His success has been possible not just by his determination, but also by the tremendous and unparalleled support and guidance extended to us by Matrusri Classess.

Pratik Ghongade
(IIT Guwahati)

The two years of preparation for JEE was amazing. In the beginning I was afraid. I had many problems and was not confident of going through. But being a student of Matrusri I had confidence that no matter what, I will go through and stand tall in life. I would like to thank Matrusri for instilling confidence and also my friends and family for supporting throughout.

Omkar Ingle
(IIT Roorkee)

Firstly, I want to congratulate whole staff of Matrusri Classes, especially Agarwal Sir and Joshi Sir. After completing 9th and 10th in Matrusri I decided to go to Kota because of Joshi Sir and Agarwal Sir to pursue 11th and 12th in Kota. It is my personal opinion that the Matrusri is the only class in Aurangabad which provides effective foundation package. The study material of Matrusri is really innovative. It gives joy of learning at Matrusri.

Avil Sonone
(IIT Varanasi)

प्रथम मी मातृश्रीला धन्यवाद देवू इच्छितो ज्यांनी मला नेहमी प्रोत्साहन केले. जोशी सर व अग्रवाल सर हे नेहमी मला धीर द्यायचे, मी इथे ९वी पासुन फाउंडेशनचे क्लास लावले होते. असा एक तास गेला नसेल की, जोशी सरांनी आम्हाला IIT बद्दल माहिती दिली नसेल. ते दररोज कोणत्या तरी वर्तमान पत्रा मधून कात्रण आणून आम्हाला दाखवायचे आणि मार्गदर्शन करायचे त्यांच्या या मार्गदर्शनामुळे मी बाहेर शहरात दोन वर्ष राहू शकलो या बद्दल मी जोशी सरांना खूप धन्यवाद देतो.

Sumit Daud
(NIT Warangal)

First of all thank you Matrusri Foundation Classes. I was in Kota for 2 years working hard. It was my one of the greatest decision to go to Kota and the reason was Matrusri’s foundation. Joshi Sir and Agarwal Sir were always good in teaching. Borgaonkar Sir helped a lot to improve reasoning skills which we used in Kota. Sending marks to parents through SMS involved parents in the process.

Sarwadnya Mutkule
(BITS Hyderabad)

I joined Matrusri in 8th class for IIT foundation, here the three years were very empowering and all the concepts which were otherwise new, became familiar and this helps a lot in the 10 + 2 stage. At Kota I did face a lot of challenges and obstacles in the course of 2 years, but the voice of Joshi Sir kept reminding whenever I was to my lowest ebb. Overall it was a great experience right from class 8th to 12th. In hindsight when I think about Matrusri I feel happy.

Brijesh Aghav
(NTSE Scholar)

I joined Matrusri in 9th Foundation. After few weeks my performance in Maths & Science improved which I cannot explain. In 10th I joined NTSE batch and cleared through with well planned weekly tests, test series. I specially would like to thank Joshi Sir, Agarwal Sir, Pandit Sir, and Kalpana Mam for motivation and moral support.

सौ. वर्षा आघाव
(Parent of Brijesh Aghav, NTSE Scholar)

NTSE मध्ये प्रत्येक विषयाची तयारी चांगली होते त्यामुळे मुलांना MPSC, UPSE या सारख्या स्पर्धा परीक्षा मध्ये फायदा होतो. NTSE मुळे मुलांचे खरे काय आहे ते कळते. History, Geography हे विषय ब्रिजेशचे नसतानांही त्याची पूर्ण तयारी करुन घेतली त्यामुळे सरांचे खूप आभार.

क्रिषी मंत्री
(NTSE Scholar)

मातोश्री या कहो मातुश्री, एक ऐसा Platform था जिसने मेरे जीवन में कई सारे बदलाव लाए। मैं ठहरा जालना का एक विद्यार्थी जिसका न तो Foundation हुआ था न कोई और Class. जब मैने NTS स्टेट लेवल पार किया था तब Prof. R. C.Joshi sir स्वयं जालना आए थे ताकि वे हम सब NTS बच्चों का सही मार्गदर्शन कर सकें। उनका इतना प्रभावशाली वक्तृत्व सुनकर मुझे और मेरे पालकोंको NTS Exam का महत्व समझा और मै Class करने औरंगाबाद आया। मातृश्री एक ऐसा स्थान था जहाँ पढ़ाई से लेकर Career Guidance तक हर चीज पर ध्यान दिया गया। Moral Boosting एवं जीवन का सही मार्ग दिखानेवाला और वह भी इतने कम समय में यह पहला क्लास था। बोलने के लिए दस दिन बहोत कम होते है परंतु मातृश्री के सारे स्टाफने यह चमत्कार कर दिखाया। श्री. शरद सर, अग्रवाल मॅडम, पंडित सर और कल्पना मैडम का भी योगदान असिम रहा। उनके बिना यह उपलब्धी असंभव थी। इस मार्गदर्शन के लिए उनका तहे दिलसे धन्यवाद।

Mr. Ashish Mantri
(Parent of Krishi Mantri, NTSE Scholar)

Matrusri stands tall to its name. we salute the commitment and dedication of your entire team towards student and performance. A consistent and persistent efforts for achievement of excellence for IIT foundation and NTSE is remarkable. Like a mother your entire team nurtures the students by doing complete SWOT analysis and helping them excel in all subjects. Entire Marathwada is greatful and thankful for unleashing the potential of the students to the fullest.

Shreejeet Golhait
(NTSE Scholar)

I joined Matrusri Foundation classes in my 8th grade. It was a completely fantastic experience. The teachers are the best faculty one can wish for if one aspires for IIT or NEET. There is no stress load or a different tension of the foundation classes as most people think it is. Its more of fun learning with Agarwal Sir and Joshi Sir to guide us all the time. We get pre-image of the course we are going to face after tenth grade. The study material is very well designed with clear concepts and its application. There is always a satisfaction that with these teachers and this kind of learning I am surely going to achieve my aim. NTSE exams is the first all India exam that we appear for and with Matrusri I got that confidence of clearing NTSE. Having that merit on my name is really a dream come true. I give all my thanks to Matrusri classes for preparation received for my future march.

सायली हंकारे
(NTSE Scholar)

मातृश्री फाउंडेशन क्लासमुळे मला राष्ट्रीय स्तरावर असणाऱ्या स्पर्धाविषयी जाणीव झाली आणि मी त्या दृष्टीने प्रयत्न सुरु केले. इयत्ता ८ वी पासून मी क्लास जॉईन केले आणि दहावीत NTSE परीक्षेत उत्तीर्ण झाले. या सगळ्याचे श्रेय मी अग्रवाल सर, अग्रवाल मॅम, जोशी सर या सर्वांना देऊ इच्छिते. विशेषतः जोशी सरांना मी धन्यवाद देऊ इच्छिते त्यांच्या प्रत्येक भाषणामुळे मला अजून चांगले करण्याची प्रेरणा मिळते. त्यामुळे प्रत्येक विद्यार्थाने इयत्ता ७ वी पासून हे क्लास जॉईन करावेत कारण येथील शिकवण्याची पध्दत ही या क्लासला इतर क्लासपासून वेगळे करते.

श्री. एम. आर. भावठाणकर
(Parent of Vallabh Bhavthankar, NTSE Scholar)

माझ्या मुलास Foundation Class चा खूप फायदा होत आहे. त्याचे मातृश्री क्लास मध्ये Concept Clear झाल्यामुळे आता त्याला कोटा येथील Allen Class मध्ये चांगले समजत आहे. माझा मुलगा वल्लभ यास फोनवर किंवा कोटा येथे गेल्यावर अभ्यास बाबत विचारले असता तो नेहमी मला NTSE व Foundation Class चा खूप फायदा होत असल्याबद्दल सांगत आहे. माझ्या मुलाच्या यशामध्ये मातृश्री क्लास मधील सर्व सरांचे कष्ट व परिश्रम आहेत. माझ्या मुलाने जरी खूप Hard Work केले असले तरी त्याला फक्त मातृश्री क्लास मधुन जे योग्य मार्गदर्शन मिळाले त्यामुळेच तो हे यश प्राप्त करु शकला. शेवटी सर्व मातृश्री क्लास मधील सरांना कोटी कोटी धन्यवाद.

सौ. प्रतिभा विजयकुमार गुळवे
(Parent of Prajwal Gulve, NTSE Scholar)

सर्व प्रथम NTS मधील मातृश्री क्लासच्या यशाबद्दल श्री. अग्रवाल सर व सर्व स्टाफ चे हार्दिक अभिनंदन.माझी दोन्ही मुले स्वप्नील व प्रज्वल इ.८ वी ते १० वी मातृश्री मध्ये फाउंडेशनला होते आणि दोघेही NTS पास झाले त्याबद्दल मला खूप आंनद झाला तसेच मुलांचा अभिमानही वाटतो. पण या त्यांच्या यशात सगळ्यात मोठा वाटा मातृश्री चे अग्रवाल सर, जोशी सर तसेच इतर सर्व शिक्षकांचा आहे हे वेगळे सांगायला नको. मराठवाडा सारख्या भागातून विशेषत: औरंगाबाद मधून जास्तीत जास्त मुलांना NTS करण्यात मातृश्री अग्रसर आहे. IIT मध्ये तसेच AIIMS सारख्या पुढील जीवनातील अत्यंत महत्वाच्या व अवघड परीक्षांमध्ये विद्यार्थ्यांना यश मिळावे म्हणून मातृश्री क्लास खूप अथक परिश्रम करते. त्यासाठी मुलं येथे सक्षम बनवली जातात. सर्वांचे आभार, धन्यवाद.

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