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Ashmit Malani
(NTSE Scholar)

Matrusri helped me to boost my academic potential beyond my limits and made me capable of studying for extended hours, irrespective of the future streams I planned to choose. Every faculty was always eager to provide me with all the support and inputs they could and help to make the best possible life decisions.

Yogesh Malani
(Parent of Ashmit Malani)

The awareness and realization about the academics and importance of competitive exams that Matrusri has brought in my family for both of my sons have immensely boosted their careers. The supportive and nurturing atmosphere Matrusri provides is all one can ask for the excellence and development of a bright future.

Pallav Kamad
(NTSE Scholar)

I would like to thank Matrusri for guiding me to Crack the NTSE stage 2 exam. I appreciate the dedication and efforts taken by all the faculty members in these tough times. The test series and online classes conducted by Matrusri were crucial to understanding the difficulty and time management needed for the exam. Without the whole team of Matrusri it would have been a lot more difficult to crack this exam. Thank you for guiding me towards the goal.

Deepak Kamad
(Parent of Pallav Kamad)

Matrusri has helped my son to succeed in NTSE stage 2 exam. Matusri kept him involved by daily classes and weekly tests,  which were indeed strong plus points in his preparation. The expertise and dedication of teachers have helped him a lot.  We are very much thankful to Mr. Sharad Agrawal and Matrusri classes for their continuous efforts to support my son.

Rohit Somani
(NTSE Scholar)

I joined Matrusri in class VIII. The foundation and NTSE courses have helped me a lot to clear the basic concepts which is a key aspect in any competitive exam. The teachers at Matrusri deliver not just knowledge but also the right mind-set and thought process. Even during the pandemic, regular classes and tests helped me to clear NTSE. I would like to thank all the teachers at Matrusri for their constant support and guidance.

Dr. Vijay Somani Parent
Rohit Somani

I am very thankful to Shri. Sharad Agarwal Sir and whole team of Matrusri who made foundation of my son very strong. I personally recommend everybody to join Matrusri Classes not only for Medical preparation but also engineering too. Base of these both facilitates along with other competitive examinations e.g. NTSE I & II level etc. all faculties of their class are very co-operative and nicely teaches to students, difficulties are solved time to time thoroughly. They played important role in the success of my son Rohit in foundation, NTSE-I & NTSE-II  & 10th board. This all efforts will definitely help us for future education of Rohit and career too.

Thank you very much

Siddharth Ajey Rajandekar
(NTSE Scholar)

First of all, I would like to thank the entire team of Matrusri for their efforts and hard work that made this achievement possible. I personally enjoyed every moment I spent in Matrusri classes.

The entire faculty team of Matrusri is really knowledgeable and has a passion for teaching. The quality of test papers is also pretty standard and really helped me a lot in my practice.

The entire academic year of 2020-21 was in online mode, still, I never felt that something was missing on part of Matrusri, the only thing they demanded was my hard work and consistency and that is what made this journey a grand success.

Last but not least, I would also like to say that the administration team of Matrusri is also excellent, and the way they handled the entire online platform is really remarkable.

I would like to conclude by saying that Matrusri really played a major role in this journey and without them, I would not have been able to crack the exam.

Manasi Ingle
(IIT Powai)

I had joined Matrusri Classes in 8th grade. My journey in Matrusri was very adorable. Matrusri’s faculty developed my thinking. Agarwal Sir and Joshi Sir helped build my concepts. Matrusri study material is excellent. The faculty and non–teaching staff consistently motivated me to crack NTSE and JEE Advance. Matrusri has played a significant role in my admission to IIT Bombay.

Rohit Satpute
(IIT Kanpur)

Joining Matrusri in class 9th was the best decision that I have made. 2 years of journey with Matrusri was amazing. They provided me a solid foundation for JEE and helped me to crack NTSE too. The perfect guidance and direction of study given by the teachers, RC Joshi sir and Agarwal sir always motivated & inspired us to work hard.

Indeed Matrusri is one of the best foundation classes in Aurangabad.

Aryan Dilip Wadhe
(IIIT Lucknow)

I have joined Matrusri classes from 7th to 10th standard. I have also cleared NTSE 1st round because of Matrusri which is a big thing for me. I have recently qualified the JEE main and advanced examination and got admission in IIIT Lucknow Computer Science. The most important thing about Matrusri is that it builds our basic knowledge strong, which helps us in school and as well as in competitive exams.

In Matrusri class Agrawal sir is truly supportive and student caring teacher. And Prof. R.C. Joshi Sir is one of the favorite teachers of mine, because he gives us knowledge beyond the subject which will help us in life also. I would like to also thanks to Pandit sir And Varsha ma’am. I am thankful to all the teaching and non-teaching staff at Matrusri.

Thank you to Matrusri classes again and best wishes for future.

Pradyumn Bakshi
(IIT Kanpur)

My journey with Matrusri classes began from a scholarship test series in 4th std and since then it has played a major pivotal role in my academic success. Agrawal sir, Agrawal ma’am, Pandit sir, Joshi sir have been excellent teachers in this whole journey. Joshi sir inspired me to pursue my JEE coaching from Kota. The Foundation course really helped me a lot during my JEE preparation and I sincerely owe all my success to the whole Matrusri team.

Anushka Bhangale
(IIT Chennai)

I am Anushka Bhangale, currently pursuing B. Tech in Electrical Engineering at IIT Madras. My journey with Matrusri began in year 2013 when I was in class 5 and it was a wonderful beginning towards a bright career indeed. All the faculties here are passionate towards giving their students the best out of whatever they have and the modules they provide are extremely well designed to inculcate a habit of studying into child. I pursued my 11th & 12th from Vibrant Academy, Kota, which was possible due to the valuable guidance by Matrusri and specially R.C. Joshi Sir. Matrusri led me to the correct path of my career. I believe Matrusri is not just the reason of success, but an inevitable part of my journey till now and will always be indeed.          

Mrs. P. Bhangale,
Parent Anushka Bhangale

My ward Miss Anushka Bhangale is pursuing B. Tech. (Elect) from IIT Madras. My daughter Joined Matrusri Foundation Classes from 5th std. Matrusri Classes contributed on large scale in her achievement. Actually Matrusri not only teaches but develop a child in all manners. Now a day in every field children are facing very big level competition. To face such a competition, they need to develop themselves with lots of confidence, smartness, hard work etc. Matrusri Foundation helps children to develop all such type of qualities. I am very thankful to all Matrusri team to develop our children. And special thanks to Agarwal Sir because he is one of the person who reads children and develop him/her decoding their weaknesses. His guidance was very helpful to children to overcome their weaknesses. And this is main fact that our children won their race and achieve something.  Because many classes are there but only teaching session are conducted. That’s why I am very impressed with this Matrusri Classes.

Prashant Bhangale,
Parent Anushka Bhangale

As far as the Matrusri is concerned, I am really speechless to tell regarding Matrusri. But Anushka is creative in all corner’s by Matrusri. She is very much thankful to Agarwal Sir & Whole Matrusri team for her success. So lastly I am also very much thankful to all the team of Matrusri. Thanks

Bhargavi Joshi

Myself Bhargavi Joshi, currently I am pursuing Medicine from BJ Medical College, Pune. I would like to thank Matrusri for helping me achieve this success. In Matrusri I not only learned and mastered Physics, Chemistry and Math’s but also learned that to achieve something in life focus, dedication and competitive spirit is also very necessary. The way Joshi Sir, Agarwal Sir and Pandit Sir taught us made learning easy and joyful. Kalpana Mam also did support us and helped us in all ways. I really thank the whole Matrusri team for helping me build a foundation which proved helpful in 11th and 12th.

Vaishnavi Gawade
IIT Powai

I am Vaishnavi Gawade, currently pursuing B. Tech. from IIT Bombay. I can proudly say that the one of the reasons of my success is Matrusri Foundation and for that I am thankful to the whole Matrusri team. I would like to give special thanks to Agarwal Sir, who taught us the values like Time management, Discipline along with Math’s, Joshi Sir for keeping us motivated all the time, Versha Ma’m for her unique method of teaching, Pandit Sir for making Physics simpler to us and Kalpana Mam for always supporting and Motivating us. So, Thanks to the entire team of Matrusri for everything that they did for us.

Rohit Satpute
IIT Kanpur

I joined Matrusri Classes in 9th std. it was my best decision. I learnt time management, how to study efficiently, discipline. Matrusri gave me a brief idea about IIT & competitive environment. They provided me a solid foundation of JEE and helped me crack NTSE too. The perfect guidance and direction of study given by teachers. R.C. Joshi Sir and Agarwal Sir always motivated and inspired us to work hard. 2 years of journey with Matrusri was amazing. Its indeed one of the best foundation classes of Aurangabad.

Anway Deshpande
IIT Powai

I joined Matrusri in 6th, I found teaching style of all teachers, especially Agarwal Sir very innovative and that helped a special interest in Mathematics. Also the material given to us in class as well as modules were very comprehensive and it covered everything that was needed to understand any concept with a lot of clarity. Matrusri helped me develop my foundation for Physics, Chemistry and Math’s which eventually made things very easy to understand for JEE, which made me achieve whatever I have today. Thank you

Shrish Shete
IIT Kanpur

I joined Matrusri Classes in class 6th and studied till Class 10th. I think this was one of best decision I took. Matrusri has immensely helped me in shaping my foundation. Teaching as well as non-teaching staff are very helpful for all the problems.

Pandit Sir visualized all the concepts with real life examples, Joshi Sir motivated us whenever we feel low and they immensely helped us in cracking JEE. Agarwal Sir helped me not only in Math’s and Mental Ability but also in motivating and inspiring throughout JEE preparation.

It’s the best coaching for foundation in Aurangabad.

Piyush Bhale
BJMC, Pune

I joined Matrusri Foundation Classes in std. 10th. The guidance and motivation of Agarwal Sir, Joshi Sir helped immensely in shaping my career. The concepts taught were very helpful for the studies of NEET. Matrusri also developed a habit of self-study and self-discipline which was the best part in my journey Matrusri Classes.

The competitive environment and the test pattern also introduced me to the pattern of MCQ’s of entrance examinations in further class. I would like to thank Agarwal Sir, Joshi Sir, Pandit Sir and the whole team of Matrusri Classes who played an inevitable role in my success.

Aditya Golewar
IIT Kharagpur

First of all, a sincere thanks to Matrusri to boost my confidence academically and mentally. Journey with Matrusri made me learn many things which would be unforgettable in life. Basics of academic’s became very strong that helped in the 11th and 12th and JEE preparation. Thank you

Dr. Anjali Kulkarni,
Parent Aaditya Kukarni, BITS Pilani

Myself mother of Aaditya Kulkarni, studying in BITS Pilani, CSE this year. I am very much thankful to Matrusri team specially Agarwal Sir for best Math’s teacher, Joshi Sir for Chemistry & motivation and also Pandit Sir for Physics. I Am also thankful to Kalpana Ma’am for her contribution, regular update of student in each class exam.

My daughter Srushti Kulkarni was also in Matrusri. She was also in BITS and completed her M.S. in UCLA, U.S. My both kids are NTSE Scholars. Once again thank you very much to team Matrusri for their constant guidance.

Varad Prabhakar Shinde
(IIT - Bhilai)

I joined Matrusri Foundation Classes while I was in 7th class. It has been a great experience with all the teachers, the journey was wonderful. The staff was always supportive especially Shravan Sir, they helped me to broaden my view in studies. Being a student of Matrusri I realized there is a lot to learn apart from school books. Each subject has a vast amount of in-depth knowledge and it was taught perfectly by the teachers at Matrusri.

R/s Shri RC Joshi Sir has been a great source of motivation. If preparing for JEE at Kota was a plan, he played the role of engineer behind it. IIT isn’t something every parent or student is aware of, I can say this confidently as I was one of them but Matrusri taught me to aim higher.

After experiencing life in IIT, I assure you friends all the hard work is worth it. Just go for it. Trust the process and enjoy learning at Matrusri Foundation Classes. At last I would like to thank my teacher R/s Agarwal Sir, Pandit Sir and RC Joshi Sir for everything they have done to help me achieve my goal.

Vijay Shinde,
Brother Varad Shinde

It’s really good contribution from Matrusri Classes teachers & staff for developing student at their early age, its that time when they really need of guidance. Its their turning point what you call foundation. In our real life foundation contribute most things. When foundation is good then building will be better. We are glad and lucky to share that we got a good platform. As we changes the stages we should change accordingly to build our life structure, because in life we have different situation accordingly we have to act accordingly.

Best of luck for your inspiring thoughts for future. Thanks for your social contribution to develop nation.           

Rohan Patil
(VIT Chennai)

I was for 4 years program in Matrusri Institute. It helped me to score well in Olympiad exams and improve school academic. I owe my success to Matrusri faculty and my parents. Agarwal Sir’s teaching methodology was great and convenient to understand. Joshi sir motivated and guided to face difficulties related to academic. Matrusri is premium institute because it not only good in teaching but also it teaches student to maintain discipline and strict towards their studies.

Mrs. Mangala Lambat,
Parent Naman Lambat, IIIT Vadodra

Special thanks to Matrusri & all team of Matrusri. Matrusri always keep student motivated & it’s very important role in student’s life then study to achieve the goal, to think big. Matrusri built the foundation of student for life long. Thanks Matrusri

Yogesh Shitole, parent
Siddhant Shitole, LNMIIT, Jaipur

Thank you Matrusri team for taking dedicated efforts towards our kids. I would like Matrusri Team to have at least half yearly or quarterly meeting of students one to one so that , the results can be more nice from both sides and actions can be initiated there & then itself to accelerate children accordingly. Thank you again

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