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Atharva Ramvilas Mundada
(AIIMS Raipur)

Hello, my name is Atharva Mundada and I was a student of Matrusri Institute, Aurangabad for two years. I have benefitted a lot during these foundation courses which laid my pathway to securing a rank of AIR 802 in NEET 2020. The teachers are very interactive and very well qualified such that they can clear even smallest of our doubts. For a great performance in IIT JEE and NEET, I think foundation course of Matrusri classes is a must.

Ashlesha Atul Patil
(Vikhe Patil Medical College, Pravranagar)

Joining Matrusri in class 9th was the best decision that I have made. The teachers at Matrusri helped me to clear all the basic concepts in class 9th and 10th itself, which gave me an extra edge in NEET exam. Having a strong foundation gave me confidence. Agarwal Sir’s approach to solve the questions helped me to gain a logical thinking. Joshi Sir’s way of teaching Chemistry was fun which helped me to retain the concepts for long term at the same time, he kept us motivated and made us aware about the competition and encouraged us to work harder. I strongly believe that, I owe my success to Matrusri.

Tanaya Sonkul
(IIT Powai )

After joining Matrusri, my life took a turn toward a disciplined life with a goal. I was happy gaining good rank in my school exams, but then Matrusri showed me the world where brightest minds of Aurangabad and in future the brightest mind of India will be competing. The key point, according to me, which distinguishes Matrusri from other foundation classes is the support of books (called modules) alongside the guidance and motivation by teachers.

I thank Prof. R. C. Joshi and Agarwal sir for their valuable support and putting trust in me.

(Parent of Tanaya Sonkul, IIT Powai)

I am father of Tanaya Sonkul who has been admitted to IIT Powai in Electrical Engineering department. I was not aware of IIT institutions before attending the seminar by Matrusri classes and because of that seminar both of my children are IITians. Matrusri made it possible to achieve something which I never dreamt for my children. I thank Shri Agarwal Sir & Shri R.C. Joshi Sir for their efforts and guidance.

Utkarsh Kandi
(IIT Kanpur)

I would like to thank all my teachers and staff of Matrusri. They always directed me to work in the right direction to land up in a very prestigious Engineering college, IIT Kanpur. Teachers were always helping to clear my doubts and were always supportive. The tests for assessment were really helpful for me to know and improve my mistakes and weak concepts.  

Dhiraj Kandi
(Parent of Utkarsh Kandi, IIT Kanpur)

I wish to congratulate the entire team of Matrusri Classes for their consistent efforts to find the capabilities of students & improve them by encouraging. All the teachers in this institute are expert and very efficient for the growth of students to achieve their goal. 

Prasanna Ravi Patil
(IIT Kanpur)

I feel very much proud to express deep sense of gratitude towards Matrusri Class. It played vital role in my journey towards IIT. It is very important to study in this institute because the teachers had taken immense efforts in shaping the future of all the students who are learning during the school life. There is nothing more in achieving better than this.

Matrusri is a place where students from different backgrounds and temperaments come together with the purpose to learn. It offers a magical experience when combined with the different ways of studying and scientific ways of interpreting every chapter of Physics, Maths and Chemistry that we study. Therefore, I will forever be grateful to this institute for being a pillar of strength in my life. Everything that I learn here stays in my mind and heart forever.

Most importantly, the staff is very loving, caring and inspirational. The Institute Head, Respected Agrawal sir instills wonderful values into us students which are a life-saver in futuristic situations. The other teaching staff also motivated and are the best with thorough knowledge which undeniably fruitful for us.

I am glad to have received a chance to study in this institute and I am thankful to my teachers for shaping me into the success I am meant to be!

Mr. Ravi Patil
(Parent of Prasanna Patil, IIT Kanpur)

It gives me immense pleasure to express deep sense of gratitude towards the Matrusri Class who led the foundation for IIT for my son, Prasanna Patil, from 7th class till completion of matriculation. The teaching here is quite wonderful and in lucid way to understand the difficult concepts. It helps to get through different exams in school level as well. My son qualified NTSE second level and received the scholarship. The teachers are taking lot of efforts in shaping the future of the students, the daily practice papers, tests and assignments help the students in qualifying the exams. I am indebted to Matrusri Institute and the teaching staff especially Agarwal sir for the achievement of my son Prasanna Patil.

Prathmesh V. Deshmukh
(IIT Powai)

My name is Prathamesh V. Deshmukh, I have achieved AIR 1539 in JEE Advanced 2020. I got admission in Matrusri Classes Aurangabad for NTSE 2nd level program. It’s the best institute for foundation for students, which also helped in my JEE preparation. Agarwal Sir and Joshi Sir are one of the best faculties they have. Agarwal Sir taught me logics and ways to approach Mental Ability questions which were the prime thing for cracking my NTSE stage 2. Joshi Sir’s guidance is the best thing he does. Thanks a lot Matrusri.

Utkarsh S. Magar
(IIT Chennai)

Myself Utkarsh Sanjay Magar, was a student of Matrusri from 8th Std. I have recently qualified the JEE examination and got admission in IIT Chennai for BSc. program in Data Science and enrolled for the 3 years online course. The foundation which I gained in Matrusri has helped me a lot to clear my concepts and to build the logic to crack this type of examination. I am thankful to all my teachers and my parents for their constant support and valuable guidance.

Thank you

Ameya Deshmukh
(BITS Pilani)

I joined Matrusri in class 9, and my 2 year journey at Matrusri has been nothing short of outstanding. From providing a solid foundation for JEE concepts to training me in an exceptional way for NTSE, Matrusri provided me with an education in class 9 and 10 which was unparalleled. We were also given a healthy dose of motivation and values which benefitted me a lot in class 11 and 12, especially when it was most required, i.e.

during the lockdown period when a lot of students tended to slack off and drift away from their studies. Agarwal sir taught us how to approach problems in a systematic manner and superbly cleared our mathematics fundamentals which helped immensely later on, while Joshi sir’s unique style of teaching helped us build our interest and prowess in Chemistry. Other teachers also helped us greatly in staying in sync with our goals and achieving them, due to which I could earn the coveted tag of NTSE scholar. I am extremely thankful to the entire team of Matrusri for providing me with timely guidance and advice, due to which I was able to crack exams like NTSE, JEE Main, JEE Advanced and BITSAT. Thank you so much Matrusri!

Dr. Manjiri Deshmukh
(Parent of Ameya Deshmukh, BITS Pilani)

My son, Ameya Deshmukh, joined Matrusri in class 9, and I attribute a lot of his success in the recently held exams to Matrusri. The systematic teaching methodology, knowledge-oriented approach and helpfulness of the faculty at Matrusri helped Ameya tremendously in cracking exams like NTSE, JEE and BITSAT, and achieve his dream of studying Computer Science in one of the top institutes of India, BITS Pilani. We are very grateful to Matrusri for guiding Ameya on the right path due to which he could succeed in all these exams. Matrusri not only has excellent faculty members, but also provided Ameya with the environment due to which he could inculcate an interest in studies, and learn all the subjects passionately and not out of compulsion. Thank you Matrusri!

Om Kulkarni
(BITS Goa)

I took admission in Matrusri in 9th Std. They have a very intriguing and engaging syllabus content which made me fall in love with the subjects. Agarwal Sir is truly an accomplished and inspirational teacher. The concepts in Mathematics helped me in my study for JEE and BITSAT in Kota. He had the ability to teach very complex concepts in a simple manner which helped me to grasp the subject at once. I would like to thank Prof. R.C. Joshi Sir for his efforts in encouraging me to study in the coaching capital of India, Kota in my 11th and 12th Std.  He is very energetic teacher radiating positivity in his fellow students. His deep knowledge in chemistry and his inspirational way of teaching helped me in getting grip at the subject. Last but not least, I would like to thank the Matrusri textbooks, for its wonderful content in terms of pictures and quizzes. Thank you Matrusri for helping me achieve my dream.

Girish Kulkarni
(Parent of Om Kulkarni, BITS Goa)

We would like to thank Matrusri and their esteemed teacher for teaching and shaping our son Om Kulkarni. Agarwal Sir and Joshi Sir groomed the students in every aspect and help the students to achieve their dreams. Teaching at Matrusri is in line with the upcoming educational standards. This helps the students to prepare themselves for one of the toughest engineering admission exams. We thank Matrusri team, for their splendid efforts and wish them all the success in their future.

Rohit Ghongade
(IIT Guwahati)

Matrusri provided me with a base knowledge of all the topics of JEE syllabus. It made the advanced learning of 11th and 12th easier for me. My parents supported me throughout my years of JEE preparation, it kept me from giving up. Without Agrawal Sir and R.C Joshi Sir, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to be brave enough to live in Kota away from my parents for the sake of high level coaching. I am really thankful of Matrusri classes.

Ghongade K.S
(Parent of Rohit Ghongade, IIT Guwahati)

Those parents and students having aspiration to take education in the top most institutes in the nation or worldwide for best career, we have one un-doubtful option in Aurangabad city, Maharashtra i.e. Matrusri Foundation Classes. I myself have been closely associated with Matrusri for the last six years. My Elder son Pratik, who is learning at IIT Guwahati in the final year of B. Tech and now just my younger son Rohit also admitted in IIT Guwahati for B. Tech. computer science along with successful in NTSE too. Matrusri shaped my sons career and tested them high skills which will be fruitful for them in their future.

Vaidehi Joshi
(IIT Guwahati)

I, Vaidehi Joshi got IIT Guwahati through JEE Advance 2020. I joined Matrusri Classes from 6th and continued till 10th. Matrusri class is the best for IIT foundation. Because of Matrusri Classes my concepts got crystal clear and it boosted up my confidence in the subjects. The teachers made their subjects interesting and easy to learn. Agarwal Sir and R.C. Joshi Sir always inspired us to work hard.

Saurabh Dhanwai
(IIT Guwahati)

I have been to Matrusri from 7th to 10th std. My personal experience with the classes was exceptional. I highly appreciate the staff’s genuinity. Every teacher clears doubts as soon as possible with the proper solutions. My fundamental basics were all clear which made my 11th and 12th easy. Joshi Sir’s suggestion of going to Kota for 2 years preparation was very useful and due to that I eventually made my selection into IIT Guwahati.

सौ. शलाखा व श्री.शिरीष बक्षी
(Parents of Hrishikesh Bakshi, IIT Roorkee)

मा. अग्रवाल सर, सप्रेम नमस्कार, आपणास मनःपूर्वक धन्यवाद सर, आपण आपल्या मातृश्री क्लासद्वारे विद्यार्थ्यांना मोठ्या प्रगतीसाठी यशस्वी मार्ग दाखविण्याचे मोठे कार्य करीत आहात. मलाही आपणास कळविण्यात अत्यंत आनंद होतो की माझा मुलगा ऋषिकेश शिरीष बक्षी याने १२ वी Science मध्ये ९०% गुण घेतले आणि महत्वाचे म्हणजे IIT Roorkee Mechanical साठी AIR 2787 मिळवुन स्थान प्राप्त केले आहे. सर ऋषिकेशच्या यशामध्ये मातृश्री क्लासचा खुप मोठा सहभाग आहे. आपल्या क्लासचे ८ वी पासुनचे मुलांसाठी असलेले अभ्यासक्रम, नियोजन जोशी सर इतर सर्व स्टाफ सर्वांचेच सर्व मुद्यावर असलेले लक्ष, त्यांना प्रोत्साहन पालकांना प्रगतीचे/परिक्षांचे संवाद अधिक चांगल्या Rank साठी, जास्तीच्या मार्कासाठी मार्गदर्शन याद्वारे मुलांना ११ वी/ १२ वी मध्ये बरेचसे काम सोपे होते. सर पुन्हा एकदा आपणास, मॅडमला व पूर्ण मातृश्री क्लास परिवारास आमचे मनःपूर्वक धन्यवाद! आणि मातृश्री क्लासचे हे महान कार्य अविरत चालू रहावे यासाठी हार्दीक शुभेच्छा.

Mahendra Zagade
(Parent of Vimalprapti Zagade, NIT Tiruchirappalli)

My daughter Vimalprapti joined Matrusri Foundation Classes from 7th standard. This year after 12th standard she got 99.6 percentile in JEE Mains and achieved what we expected. She got admission in NIT Tiruchirapally (Trichy) for 5 year course in B. Arch. In her success, Matrusri class played a major role. Respected Agarwal Sir guided my daughter well; he kept us alert for daily and long time studies. Due to Matrusri staff, especially Agarwal Sir and Joshi Sir, students build up confidence and do their study sincerely. Matrusri syllabus and tests improve student’s confidence and really prepare them for competitive exams which further make their future bright. I thank every member of Matrusri Foundation class, Agarwal Sir, Joshi Sir and other faculties for their contribution to make success for my daughter Vimalprapti. Thank you

Harsh Shelke
(NIT Allahabad)

I joined Matrusri classes since class 8th for 3 consecutive years and it helped me a lot in my JEE preparation. The teachers gave me a right guidance and created awareness about the further competition. Also, Agrawal sir and Joshi sir, gave personal attention to students and their learning methods helped understand topic in a easy way. In short Matrusri class played a significant role in getting me to my result.

Sakshi Sancheti
(NIT Warangal)

My 3 years (8th – 10th) journey at Matrusri classes has been amazing. It gave me a whole new and broad perspective about JEE and other competitive exams. I am thankful to all the teaching and non-teaching staff at Matrusri. Special thanks to respected Joshi Sir and Agarwal Sir for their constant guidance and motivation.

सौ. वर्षा संचेती
(Parent of Sakshi Sancheti, NIT Warangal)

माझ्या मुलीने मातृश्री मधून तीन वर्षे फाउंडेशन कोर्स व एन.टी.एस.ई. स्कॉलरशीप परिक्षेचे क्लास केले. तिला दहावी, बारावी तसेच जेईई परिक्षेत मिळालेल्या यशाचे श्रेय पूर्णतः मातृश्री क्लासेस लाच आहे. अग्रवाल सर तसेच जोशी सरांचे मार्गदर्शन आणि प्रेरणेमुळे हे यश मिळाले आहे. क्लासमध्ये वेळोवेळी घेतल्या जाणाऱ्या टेस्ट व नंतर त्याचे पेपर, डिस्कशन त्याचा मुलांना खुप फायदा होतो. मातृश्री क्लास हा ईश्वराने औरंगाबादला दिलेली अमुल्य देणगी आहे असे मला वाटते. आमच्याकडुन मनापासून शुभेच्छा, धन्यवाद.

Sejal Vivek Kala
(NIT Nagpur)

First of all, many many thanks to all Matrusri team for bringing the best out of me. I thank all the teachers, especially Agrawal sir for supporting me and always encouraging me through all thick and thin. I recommend every student whose vision is to conquer JEE with good score to join Matrusri. Its indeed one of the best foundation classes in Aurangabad.

अ‍ॅड. विवेक काला
(Parent of Sejal Kala, NIT Nagpur)

शिक्षण व्यवस्थेचा खरा समीक्षक म्हणजे विद्यार्थी. हा विद्यार्थी समीक्षेच्या चष्म्यातून त्या संस्थेची योग्यता व अयोग्यता ठरवित असतो. माझी मुलगी कु. सेजल ने मातृश्रीची योग्यता व योगदान तिच्या यशात दाखवून दिली. तिच्या यशासाठी व शैक्षणिक प्रगतीसाठी मात्र मातृश्री चे धन्यवाद.

Kalpit Adhao
(IIT Varanasi)

I want to thank Matrusri for their selfless devotion for their students, specially Agarwal Sir for constantly letting me know that I should not get satisfied with my performance and strive for better. His way of teaching and his discipline was an inspiration to us. Matrusri classes always made their students able to solve high level questions and challenging ourselves. I also wanna thank Kalpana mam for being a good mentor throughout my preparation and always providing us important resources.

Anita Adhao
(Parent of Kalpit Adhao, IIT Varanasi)

I thank Matrusri classes for guiding my son so that he could build a career in IIT. Foundation course helped him for the strong base for JEE exam in 12th. Agarwal Sir & all the teachers have helped & guided him immensely throughout the course and also after the course. You get the best education & guidance at Matrusri. I want to thank Kalpana mam for the guidance they have provided not only in foundation but till he got the admission in IIT. He couldn’t have made it without Matrusri.

Shreyash Ganesh Khairnar
(IIT Bhilai)

I, Shreyash Ganesh Khairnar am glad that I joined IIT thanks to Matrusri foundation. I joined here from my 7th class. The perfect guidance and direction of study given by the teachers from Matrusri foundation found to be useful for me especially, I am thankful to honorable Agrawal sir for inspiring me time to time. Thank you.

Nishant Choudhari
(IIT Varanasi )

I studied 2 years (9th and 10th) in Matrusri Classes. I feel that I really benefited by this course for preparation of JEE exam. Foundation course was very integrated and strong enough for further preparation. Every teacher was very encouraging and a good guide specially Joshi Sir. I would special thank to Agarwal Sir for every guideline and help, both educational and financial. I would give a very big credit to Agarwal Sir for my success in JEE Advanced.

Ganesh V. Kekarjawlekar
(Parent of Prathmesh G. Kekarjawlekar, IIT Bhuvaneshwar)

Before admission at Matrusri we had just heard about IIT, but not aware about its admission process or syllabus etc. Joshi Sir and Agarwal Sir motivate students for different competitive exams; feed them with regular tests particularly with “no option pattern” it compels students to prepare all topics. Best quality study material is provided to students. Test analysis clears doubts; finally it depends upon student “bahate zarane se kitna batore”. Thanks Agarwal Sir, Joshi Sir and team to prepare my son for the toughest exam like JEE Advance.

Chaitrali V. Kulkarni
(IIIT Pune)

I joined Matrusri in Std. 6th. The institute helped me rise in my academics. The teachers are very good and helpful. I built up my interest in mathematics because of Agarwal Sir and constant boost up and motivation was always provided by Joshi Sir. Along with this the institute helped me build up my confidence for facing competitive exams. Thanks to the whole Matrusri team for its contribution in my success.

Mrs. Vandana & Vishal Kulkarni
(Parents of Chaitrali Kulkarni, IIIT Pune)

We are very happy that our daughter Chaitrali got success in her academic path which will be turning point for her carrier prospective. We came to know about Matrusri  classes from our relative at right time. She joined Matrusri in 6th Std. and we have seen her increasing interest in Maths & Science subjects. Joining of Matrusri Class helped her not only in school studies but also boost up her confidence to face any competitive exam. We are very much thankful to Shri Agarwal Sir, Shri Joshi Sir and whole Matrusri team for their continuous support to Chaitrali, Best wishes to whole Matrusri Team.

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