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Shrirang Pathak
(AIIMS Bhopal)

I really think that foundation plays a crucial role whether an individual opts for engineering or medical. Importantly, foundation is a need for physics and chemistry as well as mathematics. I really feel MATRUSRI is good for foundation in PCM which is remarkable. If A & R questions are included in routine tests this would benefit students preparing for AIIMS entrance exam. And short doses of NCERT of class 11th & 12th as a part of foundation would help students to take a lead in later classes. NTSE preparation is good at MATRUSRI.

Dr. Shubham Pathak
(Brother of Shrirang Pathak, AIIMS Bhopal)

MATRUSRI indeed has helped a lot in creating a firm base on which my brother, Shrirang Pathak has achieved this grand success. All concepts right from the bottom to top were cleared very beautifully and authentically.

Abhinav R. Aurange
(AIIMS Delhi)

MATRUSRI Foundation helped me a lot in school also, I excelled in various Olympiads. Especially motivation by Joshi Sir helped me a lot. During my school days foundation helped me in gaining interest in Physics due to Punde Sir. Chemistry was made interesting and simple by Joshi Sir, although Maths was not in medical syllabus but it surely helped me in increasing my IQ and thinking ability. So I thank MATRUSRI.

Sayali R. Hankare
(KEM Mumbai)

Hello Friends, I am really very thankful to Agarwal Sir, Joshi Sir and entire team. The success that I have achieved is only because of them. The MATRUSRI Institute not only cleared my basic concepts but also gave me inspiration, guideline to achieve more and more. So I am very grateful and thankful to MATRUSRI from bottom of heart. Thank you

Swarangi Deshpande
(Govt. Medical College, Miraj)

I took admission in MATRUSRI in 9th std. study material of MATRUSRI was complete in itself. Agarwal Sir, Joshi Sir and all the other teachers are very supportive. They helped us to develop interest as well as confidence in all three subjects. They kept us motivating thoroughly. Discipline, Doubt clearance & lectures at regular timing are the benefits at MATRUSRI. All tests were very useful & helped us a lot to analyse our mistakes & to work on them. I am very grateful to MATRUSRI and all team for their guidance and support.

Darshana Gajhas
(KEM Mumbai)

I am grateful that I studied in MATRUSRI. I was here from std. 6th. Agarwal Sir’s concept clearance and Joshi Sir’s teaching and constant support made my basics clear. I thank Agarwal mam and Pandit Sir for their wonderful support. I thank MATRUSRI from bottom of my heart.

Janhavi Patil
(NAIR Mumbai)

MATRUSRI Foundation has been a guiding rock through all these years. The confidence, the knowledge of being persistent and hard working was given to us by MATRUSRI. The exposure to healthy competition in early years has been an invaluable treasure that we carry with us today. I express my sincere gratitude to Agarwal Sir and Joshi Sir for acknowledging my potential and giving it the right direction.

Dr. Vaishali Patil
(Parent of Janhavi Patil, NAIR Mumbai)

MATRUSRI Foundation is the best pioneer in Aurangabad. My daughter was studying here from 8th std. Agarwal Sir and Joshi Sir promoted her for studies. It is really conceptual study base foundation. The students of MATRUSRIi can stand anywhere and in any institution in the world. I am very much thankful to Agarwal Sir and Joshi Sir.

Shwetambari S. Mali
(IIT Powai)

I am Shwetambari S. Mali, Very thankful to MATRUSRI IIT Foundation. I was studying in MATRUSRI foundation from 7th grade. I am glad to be a part of this foundation. I got great guidance from Agarwal Sir and Joshi Sir. I always wanted to become an IIT engineer. Now my dream came true. As a plant need nourishment to grow, similarly students need nourishment of IIT foundation to become an IITian and build future. For me MATRUSRI IIT Foundation was a key of success.

क्रिषी मंत्री
(IIT Powai)

मातोश्री या कहो मातुश्री, एक ऐसा Platform था जिसने मेरे जीवन में कई सारे बदलाव लाए। मैं ठहरा जालना का एक विद्यार्थी जिसका न तो Foundation हुआ था न कोई और Class. जब मैने NTS स्टेट लेवल पार किया था तब Prof. R. C.Joshi sir स्वयं जालना आए थे ताकि वे हम सब NTS बच्चों का सही मार्गदर्शन कर सकें। उनका इतना प्रभावशाली वक्तृत्व सुनकर मुझे और मेरे पालकोंको NTS Exam का महत्व समझा और मै Class करने औरंगाबाद आया। मातृश्री एक ऐसा स्थान था जहाँ पढ़ाई से लेकर Career Guidance तक हर चीज पर ध्यान दिया गया। Moral Boosting एवं जीवन का सही मार्ग दिखानेवाला और वह भी इतने कम समय में यह पहला क्लास था। बोलने के लिए दस दिन बहोत कम होते है परंतु मातृश्री के सारे स्टाफने यह चमत्कार कर दिखाया। श्री. शरद सर, अग्रवाल मॅडम, पंडित सर और कल्पना मैडम का भी योगदान असिम रहा। उनके बिना यह उपलब्धी असंभव थी। इस मार्गदर्शन के लिए उनका तहे दिलसे धन्यवाद।

Shreejeet Golhait
(IIT Delhi)

I started my journey with MATRUSRI in Grade 7th and back then I was quite unsure that I will be able to cope up with the completely new and a high level curriculum of IIT foundation. But with the help of the friendly environment and the fun way of learning with Agarwal Sir and Joshi Sir I was able to keep up with the pace and began loving the syllabus. MATRUSRI guided me on the journey to NTSE and leading up to JEE Advanced. Our contact remained established during the two years of JEE Advanced preparation.

Dr. Sunita Golhait
(Parent of Shreejeet Golhait, IIT Delhi)

I am thankful to MATRUSRI Foundation for their excellent coaching for NTSE and Foundation. Because of MATRUSRI my son Shreejeet could top the NTSE. Agarwal Sir’s personal attention during coaching, his discipline and overall guidance for student as a life coach was very encouraging to Shreejeet. Because of this, my son could crack the difficult exam in country IIT (Advanced) and has got good rank. Thankful to overall team of MATRUSRI, Joshi Sir, Shravan for personal attention to my child so that he could get success. Thanks MATRUSRI

Varadraj More
(IIT Delhi)

I joined MATRUSRI in standard 6th. MATRUSRI teachers clear your concepts really well which helped me when I was preparing for JEE exams. Agarwal Sir and Joshi Sir really guide you towards your goal. Their constant efforts for my welfare motivated me and that was the time I dreamt of being in IIT. They personally monitor you which keeps you on track.

Vallabh Bhavthankar
(IIT Chennai)

MATRUSRI presents a good environment with good competition. All the good students from Aurangabad and Marathwada come here to give you a glimpse of wide competition. All the teachers give you enormous support to your any problem personally. MATRUSRI Foundation is best institute to make your basic concepts strong. MATRUSRI Foundation modules are your key for study in Kota. I owe my success in NTSE and IIT-JEE to MATRUSRI and Agarwal Sir, Joshi Sir.

Shriniwas Khiste
(IIT Kharagpur)

I came to MATRUSRI classes for NTSE level 2. My journey here has been very yielding. The support I got here during my NTSE level 2 preparation helped me crack the examination with ease. The teachers here Agarwal Sir and Joshi Sir had faith in me which helped me maintain confidence in myself. NTSE is the first step in the 2 years journey that follows success here helps us gain momentum to always score better. Therefore the contribution of MATRUSRI has been very important. I certainly owe my success to MATRUSRI classes.

Parent of Shrinivas Khiste, IIT Kharagpur

Myself, Mother of Shrinivas Khiste. He was in MATRUSRI at the time of his NTSE II level for approx. 40 days. During this 40 days team MATRUSRI specially R.C. Joshi Sir and Agarwal Sir took a lot of efforts. Due to their efforts only Shrinivas cleared NTSE second level. During this period only he learned how to study. Today Shrinivas achieved AIR 373. All the credit goes to MATRUSRI classes.

Pranav V. Patale
(IIT Kharagpur)

I thank MATRUSRI for preparation of my IIT-JEE foundation. I joined MATRUSRI from 8th std. From the first day I loved the teaching methods and inspiration by the teachers. I want to thank Agarwal Sir for his unique type of teaching maths which eventually became my favorite subject. I want to thank Dr. R.C. Joshi Sir for his inspiration. Only because of Joshi Sir, Chemistry became too easy for me. I want to thank Pandit Sir for clearing concepts and good approach to problem solving. I strongly recommend MATRUSRI foundation classes.

Brijesh Aghav
(IIT Hyderabad)

I, Brijesh Aghav joined MATRUSRI in 9th std. for foundation and NTSE. Here, Joshi Sir and Agarwal Sir taught in such a way that all my concepts became crystal clear and we could solve Olympiad level problems. MATRUSRI helped me qualify NTSE and JEE.

Prithvi Jadhav
(IIT Mandi)

I joined MATRUSRI when I was in 7th class. At first I was a simple lad who did good at school examination but after joining MATRUSRI I got a direction to study for IIT to make a career in this grand technological world. The guidance of Agarwal Sir, the motivation of Joshi Sir and all the other staff made me feel that I am also capable of doing better at IIT exam.

Shardul Kulkarni
(IIT Varanasi)

I Shardul Kulkarni owe a very big thanks to the MATRUSRI group for the overall development i.e. Academic, Skillwise, Personality and intellectual development which I have seen in myself over the years. Agarwal Sir, Joshi Sir, Agarwal madam inspired me all the time and I would like to give full credit of my success to them

Atharva Adhikari
(NIT Nagpur)

First of all I am grateful to the team of MATRUSRI Foundation which provided me best education and made me aware about the competition that I was going to face in my future. They provided moral support and guidance that was necessary to cope up with all the students. Hard work, perseverance and dedication of team MATRUSRI helped me to be what I am today.

Aaditya Kulkarni
(NTSE Scholar)

I would like to thank MATRUSRI for all my success. MATRUSRI is perhaps the best institute for 8th to 10th Foundation and NTSE. I would especially like to thank Agarwal Sir for improving my mathematics and R.C. Joshi Sir for motivating me throughout my course. Thank you MATRUSRI for my success.

Aditya Golewar
(NTSE Scholar)

I thank MATRUSRI for their support & guidance due to which I could pursue a small step of dream in my life. Journey with MATRUSRI helped me a lot and will remain with me throughout my life. Teaching methodology of teachers is just excellent and supporting staff inspired us a lot. I would be indebted throughout my life to MATRUSRI.

Anway Deshpande
(NTSE Scholar)

The practice of NTSE stage II exam in MATRUSRI was conducted in an excellent way. The way Agarwal Sir taught us was very unique and interesting. It is because of him that I developed a genuine interest in Mathematics. Apart from studies Agarwal Sir, Joshi Sir constantly motivated us. It is because of MATRUSRI that I could crack NTSE Stage II examination that is considered one of the most difficult exams for Std. 10th students. Thank you.

Manasi Ingle
(NTSE Scholar)

Today I am very glad that I have cracked NTSE -2 exam. I owe all my success to MATRUSRI classes. I had joined MATRUSRI classes from 8th std. I must accept here that it was just because of the efforts taken by all the teachers at MATRUSRI that I have cracked stage 2.I would like to thank Agarwal Sir, Joshi Sir, Pandit Sir and Versha Madam for the sincere efforts they had taken for me. Agarwal Sir always brought the real scenario in front of us about the competitive exams. He improved my Mathematics too. Joshi Sir was an exceptional teacher. He constantly motivated me through various examples. Finally, I thank Kalpana Madam because she also motivated me for NTSE.

Ashish Jodhawar
(NTSE Scholar)

MATRUSRI is a very good class. The faculty is very good here. Sharad Sir’s Maths and Mental Abiltiy is very nice, which enlightens our mind through various quality concepts. Joshi Sir is also a good teacher, he also gives motivation to us on every step.

Naman Lambat
(NTSE Scholar)

I would like to thank the entire MATRUSRI team for providing such a great guidance and support during my hardships. It was only possible (qualifying NTSE level II) because the faculty here at MATRUSRI constantly boosted me when I needed it. Specially Joshi Sir, who would insult anyone who answers wrong in order to encourage him to explore his full potential. It is due to these discouragements given by him, I was able to recognize my true potential. Also the modules and study material provided are of extremely good quality. Only due to MATRUSRI I was able to increase my level to such an extent that I am able to qualify this exam. I would request MATRUSRI to please continue its methodology of teaching and producing wonderful results. Thank you MATRUSRI

मंगला लांबट
(Parent of Naman Lambat, NTSE Scholar)

मै मंगला लांबट, आज मै मातृश्री को मेरे परिवार की तरफ से धन्यवाद देना चाहती हूँ कि NTSE Second Level Exam मेरे बेटे ने qualify किया है। मातृश्री मे Class लगाने से एक बात पता चली की सिर्फ क्लास प्रसिध्दी और पैसों के लिए ही नही होते वह एक Family होते हैं। बच्चे की। जैसे घर में माँ बाप होते है वैसे ही घर के बाहर मातृश्री Class एक घर जैसी जगह होती है। जहां Student को अपने बच्चे समझकर पढाया जाता है। जरूरत पड़ने पर डांट भी लगाई जाती है। यहाँ तक की माँ-बाप को भी बुलाकर समझाया जाता है। इन्ही सब मातृश्री की quality की वजह से आज हमारे बच्चे यहाँ तक पहुंचे है। Specially thanks to Matrusri.

Om Pawar
(NTSE Scholar)

I would like to praise MATRUSRI but at the same time I would also like to blame myself for leaving MATRUSRI and joining other class. But my two years in this class had made my base strong in Maths and specially Mental Ability. I think that the Modules of MATRUSRI are best in Aurangabad.

Parth S. Songire
(NTSE Scholar)

Firstly, getting selected for NTSE Scholarship is like a dream come true, a milestone that will motivate & inspire me whole of my life. MATRUSRI gave all what was required for NTSE. My MAT and Maths weren’t that perfect as was required for NTSE. Thanks for making it as what was demanded by exam. Agarwal Sir taught me many things that will guide me whole life. Ending now, being a part of MATRUSRI was really great feeling, though we won’t be part of the classes ahead in future but will forever be connected to it.

Samiran Kulkarni
(NTSE Scholar)

Hello Agarwal Sir, I am very thankful to you and all the MATRUSRI staff for their guidance in NTSE level -2. It was just because of you that I cleared NTSE-2 exam. I also congratulate all staff members. Test series of MATRUSRI was also very good and because of that test series, I got a rigorous practice and I felt very comfortable for actual exam. Pandit Sir also taught physics very well. Lastly I would say that I cleared NTSE-2 just because of you.

सौ. सावित्री शेटे
(Parent of Shrish Shete, NTSE Scholar)

मी सौ. सावित्री शेटे, श्रीश शेटे ची आई आहे. माझा मुलगा श्रीश हा
मातृश्री मध्ये इयत्ता ६ वी पासुन शिकत आहे. मातृश्री क्लास मुळेच माझा मुलगा आज NTSE सेकंड लेव्हल मध्ये स्कॉलर झाला. अग्रवाल सर मुळेच माझ्या मुलाचे Maths व Mental Ability चे ज्ञान खुप वाढले. जोशी सरांचे मोटीवेशनल स्पीच आजही अभ्यासाच्या वेळेस आठवण करतो. मातृश्री क्लासचे जेवढे आभार मानावे तेवढे कमीच आहे. माझ्या मुलाचे NTSE स्कॉलर होण्याचे स्वप्न फक्त मातृश्री मुळेच पूर्ण झाले. शेवटी एवढेच म्हणने की, मातृश्री क्लासचे आम्ही खुप खुप आभारी आहोत.

Shubhangi Desai
(NTSE Scholar)

I was in MATRUSRI for NTSE level 1 and II. MATRUSRI helped to develop the skills to handle paper pressure. I would like to thank the MATRUSRI team for developing strength in individual subject. I learnt to have the competitive spirit. The teachers here motivated me and helped me to achieve success in the most prestigious school level competitive exam. I learnt the most important quality of being punctual from Agarwal Sir. I would like to thank complete team of MATRUSRI for helping me achieve success in NTSE.

Snehal K. Nalawade
(NTSE Scholar)

I had joined MATRUSRI in std. 7th and since then I had been here till class 10th. The Foundation in MATRUSRI was really beneficial not only for my improvement in schools academic, but also for NTSE. The consistent motivation given by Kalpana mam and Joshi Sir and right guidance given by Agarwal Sir helped me crack NTSE. Agarwal Sir taught us the right methodology to be followed during NTSE preparations and the test papers provided by MATRUSRI gave us an idea of the level of NTSE. I would like to thank the entire staff in MATRUSRI because it was due to their efforts, motivation and right guidance that I could crack NTSE.

Tanisha Muley
(NTSE Scholar)

I joined MATRUSRI in 9th std. At this moment in my life I was exposed to true competition. I was weak in mathematics as well as physics. But after joining this class, I realized my true potential. MATRUSRI modules are the best books. I am grateful to Agarwal Sir, Joshi Sir, Agarwal Mam and Pandit Sir for their constant motivation and guidance. Special thanks to Kalpana Mam who was just a motherly figure for us. It was due to her efforts and motivation that I could crack NTSE with a decent score. Thanks to MATRUSRI.

Vaishnawi Gawde
(NTSE Scholar)

आधीपासूनच मला अभ्यासाची आवड होती, पण जेंव्हा मी आठवी मध्ये मातृश्री मध्ये अँडमिशन घेतले तेव्हा माझ्यात जिद्द निर्माण झाली आणि तेव्हापासून मी अगदी जिद्दीने अभ्यासाला लागले. या जिद्दीचे खरे कारण म्हणजे जोशी सर, कारण त्यांनीच मला Motivate केले. दररोज वेगवेगळ्या व्यक्तीचे उदाहरण देउन ते आम्हाला Inspire करायचे. तसेच N.T.S.E.साठी देखील त्यांची खूप मदत झाली, यासोबतच माझ्या यशाचे श्रेय मी अग्रवाल सरांना देवू इच्छिते. कारण त्यांनी आम्हाला शिकवण्यासोबतच अभ्यास कसा करावा, कश्याला किती Weightage द्यावा, पेपर अवघड आला तर त्याला कसा सामोरे जावे हे देखील सांगितले.

Viraj Rodge
(NTSE Scholar)

MATRUSRI is the best institute for NTSE preparation and I would like to wholeheartedly thank MATRUSRI, Agarwal Sir and everyone else at MATRUSRI for my success. Agarwal Sir would constantly motivate us, guide us and keep us on the right track. Joshi Sir kept us motivating all the time.

Vishwajeet Kalbande
(NTSE Scholar)

I came to MATRUSRI for NTSE 2nd level, I was not knowing a lot about NTSE stage-2. I qualified NTSE-1 easily but I was knowing that NTSE-2 is a hard examination. Faculties of MATRUSRI were excellent. Joshi Sir motivated a lot. I want to give my full credit to MATRUSRI and am very Thankful to them.

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