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Purva Shinde,
(KEM Mumbai)

I have been a student of MATRUSRI since grade VI. It has been a home away from home for me. The teachers and non-teaching staff, everyone have been so friendly and helpful all the time. This has been one of the key factors which has made my journey satisfying and rewarding. I think teachers like Agarwal Sir, Versha Ma’am and Joshi Sir are very proficient in their subjects and helped us get all our concepts cleared and subjects strong. Apart from this, time to time we used to get inspiration from Agarwal Sir and Joshi Sir. This strong motivation and moral support is extremely important to keep a student on track and in high spirit towards academics and life in general. Thank you MATRUSRI.

Divya M. Sirsikar
(Kashibai Navle Medical College, Pune)

I, Divya Mahendra Sirsikar, was a student of MATRUSRI Foundation for laying down the building blocks to build up my concepts and make me well aware with this competitive world. The teachers here and the pioneer of the Institute, Agarwal Sir always motivated us and guided us on the way to achieve our aim.

Foundation course helped me to build up my concepts and after the initial years of the course I was able to apply the same, this helped me to crack NEET examination. I was attracted to MATRUSRI Foundation because of the atmosphere of the students and teachers and the doubts were cleared by the teachers and the various techniques that saves your time and widens your perspective and view towards a particular question. In the era of competitive exams you need to know beyond school books and you actually need to learn the art of solving the questions that tests your knowledge. The speed and understanding about the topic, all these aspects were taught in MATRUSRI Classes. Modules of MATRUSRI are the guiding books that aid in your path of learning. Personally I always preferred reading and trying to understand the concepts from MATRUSRI modules rather than searching for books in the market. These modules are window to knowledge you need to succeed in all the forthcoming exams of your life. I strongly believe that whatever I have achieved today, MATRUSRI Classes had a great contribution in it and I owe this success to MATRUSRI.

Hritvik M. Gadhiya,
(Calgary University, Canada)

I am the student of MATRUSRI IIT Foundation Classes right from VI Standard. I feel that my experience at MATRUSRI was great. MATRUSRI has a positive learning environment, which really helped me during my studies. All the teachers are very helpful and they promote a studious and enjoyable environment. Overall, I am grateful that I was a student of MATRUSRI and I am thankful to the teachers for guiding me throughout my studies.

Meetal Manke
(IIT Powai)

My journey with MATRUSRI Classes was adorable. All the faculty here, Agarwal Sir, Joshi Sir always guided us on the right path. The foundation course here really helped in std. 11th and 12th for pursuing JEE exams. It actually habituated me for self study required further as in std. 10th. We prepared for NTSE, Board exam and IIT foundation all at the same time. Constant motivation from Joshi Sir in daily lectures made us realize the importance of the course we prepared for. I am overall grateful to MATRUSRI for its exceptionally well modules and wonderful and extremely cooperative teachers.

Vaibhav Darade
(IIT Powai)

I took admission for 2nd level of NTSE after completing my SSC board examination. At that time I knew that I can do really well in physics and chemistry is manageable, but in MATRUSRI I met Dr. R.C. Joshi Sir who pointed out the chemistry enthusiast in me and so my confidence level in that subject also went high which really helped me in my later preparation of JEE advance. I tried my level best but unfortunately (language paper was big problem) I couldn’t clear NTSE 2nd level. But now I think that I’m on the right track to achieve my aim…. I will devote this success to my parents, good teachers I met at every stage and also my focused approach. Thanking you.

Abhijeet Gunjal
(IIT Hyderabad)

I was enrolled in MATRUSRI in 10th for NTSE stage II. My overall experience was very good here. The teachers & the teaching technique here are excellent as is the study material provided here. All the faculty specially Agarwal Sir and Joshi Sir are experienced and talented. I am thankful and proud to have them all as my teachers. And I will try my best as a student to never let them down. Studying here was a great motivation and inspiration to succeed. Thank you MATRUSRI.

Yash Chapalgaonkar,
(IIT Guwahati)

I had started my career with Matrusri IIT Foundation when I was in Std. 8 . At the beginning it was tough for me but due to creative style of teaching and stress free learning, the study was eased to follow. As time passed study became more interesting. Matrusri has given me experience of competitive exams. That’s the reason I passed NTSE level –I in 10 . Agarwal Sir and Joshi Sir had motivated me. Their teaching style of complex concepts in simple manner  helped me for my further studies in 11 and 12 for preparation for IIT. Every student who desire for IIT should go through Matrusri’s Foundation course only. My future became bright due to Matrusri Foundation.

Mrs. Ujjwala Chapalgaonkar
(Parent of Yash Chapalgaonkar, IIT Guwahati)

I am very much happy to say that due to the guidance of MATRUSRI classes my son Yash Chapalgaonkar has got very good score in JEE-Advance for IIT. The guidance of Joshi Sir and Agarwal Sir since 8th helped him a lot. Due to these two Gurus all the students got success in all the exams. I appreciate the class management, administration, punctuality of the classes very much. MATRUSRI was second home for my son. My younger son Ved is also studying in MATRUSRI. Thank you very much MATRUSRI Class. Best of Luck for future.

Shardul S. Kulkarni
(IIT Gandhinagar)

Two years in MATRUSRI were fantastic. We learnt many new things here. The modules they provide are really great. They are useful even in 11th and 12th. MATRUSRI showed us right path to make our career. Agarwal Sir and Joshi Sir motivated us very well. My Brother was also the student of MATRUSRI Foundation Classes whose success in JEE through MATRUSRI encouraged me to join MATRUSRI. I recommend all the IIT aspirants to join MATRUSRI.

सुनिल रामचंद्र कुलकर्णी
(Parent of Shardul Kulkarni, IIT Gandhinagar)

आपल्याला माहितच आहे की Building चे Foundation मजबुत असेल तरच Building उंच बांधता येते व ती मजबुत होते. तसेच विद्यार्थ्यांचे देखील आहे. Base चांगला झाला की उज्वल भविष्य ठरलेलेच आहे. माझी दोन्ही मुले शुभंकर व शार्दूल यांना IIT. सारख्या Institute मध्ये प्रवेश केवळ मातृश्री क्लासेस मध्ये चांगली तयारी झाल्यामुळेच मिळालेला आहे.आजघडीला मातृश्री क्लासेस सारख्या संस्था औरंगाबाद मध्ये आहे हे खरोखरच आपले नशीब आहे. मातृश्री क्लासेस मध्ये असलेल्या Skilled Faculty चा माझ्या मुलांना निश्चितपणे लाभ झालेला आहे. मातृश्री क्लासला याबद्दल धन्यवाद.

Prathamesh Vibhute,
(IIT Gandhinagar)

I joined MATRUSRI in 8th Std. and studied upto 10th Std. Studying in MATRUSRI was always fun. Thrills and quiz built interest in subjects. Conceptual learning was always encouraged here. Prof. R.C. Joshi always inspired us to work hard and gave us articles to read. Agarwal Sir’s way of teaching Maths was interesting and it really helped a lot. He simplified the way of looking at a question. It built a sort of confidence in me which encouraged interest in Maths. The faculty and study material at MATRUSRI helped me a lot securing good rank in JEE-Advanced. I highly recommend MATRUSRI Classes for IIT aspirants.

Pranav Khiste,
(IIT Jabalpur)

I studied in MATRUSRI since 7th class. The first day was different than I expected. We were taught something different. Every day I learnt something new and my hunger for knowledge would never end. Joshi Sir’s quote “1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” motivated me always. He was the best faculty for Chemistry till today. Agarwal Sir always motivated me to study harder. Every-time I got less mark, he would ask what happened and give advice how to improve. The concepts cleared by all the teachers were so good that even after so many years I still remember the day they taught us that topic.

Yash Zinzade
(IIT Indore)

I joined MATRUSRI when I was in 9th std. I am thankful to all MATRUSRI’s faculty. All of them are very supportive and they are always there for help. Special motivation from R. C. Joshi Sir has helped me a lot during my low times. Thanks to all MATRUSRI team members specially Agarwal Sir and R.C. Joshi Sir. I will never forget the class time which I spent in MATRUSRI. The front office staff is very supportive & encouraging.

राहुल शिवाजी झिंझाडे
(Parent of Yash Zinzade, IIT Indore)

मी श्री. राहुल झिंझाडे माझा मुलगा यश झिंझाडे याने इयत्ता ८ वी मध्ये २०१३-१४ मातृश्री IIT फाऊंडेशन मध्ये प्रवेश घेतला यश हा २०१६ NTSE (1st Level) Rank 39 आणि JEE Advanced 2018 मध्ये त्याचाAIR 1166 आहे. याचे पूर्ण श्रेय मी आदरणीय डॉ. आर. सी. जोशी सर आणिअग्रवाल सर यांना देतो. तसेच मातृश्री फाऊंडेशनचे मनःपूर्वक आभार मानतो.

Atharva Deshmukh
(BITS Hyderabad)

I joined MATRUSRI Foundation course in 2013, when I was in 9th Std. I studied for 2 years. The important thing I got from MATRUSRI is habit of self-study. My view for Physics, Chemistry and Maths changed a lot and I started liking these subjects rather than just studying for exams. So I feel, for strong foundation in the above subjects, one should join MATRUSRI Foundation.

डॉ. चारुलता देशमुख (रोजेकर)
(Parent of Atharva Deshmukh, BITS Hyderabad)

नमस्कार, माझा मुलगा अथर्व अविनाश देशमुख याला बोर्ड १२ वीत ८६%, CET मध्ये १७३ आणि Bitsat मध्ये ३४५/४५० मिळाले. Bitsat साठी तो Computer Science Branch साठी गोवा किंवा हैद्राबादला सलेक्ट होईल. या यशामध्ये मातृश्री फाऊंडेशनचा वाटा मोठा आहे. कारण ९ वी १० वी त इमारत उभारण्यापूर्वी जी पायाभरणी आवश्यक असते ती ह्या क्लासमधून मिळाली. ह्याशिवाय वैयक्तिक लक्ष, समुपदेशन ह्यामुळे मुलाच्या मानसिकतेत फरक पडतो आणि ती +ve होतात क्लास अनेक असतील पण माणुसकी, आत्मीयता मात्र येथे अनुभवली. त्याबद्दल मनःपूर्वक आभार. क्लासच्या पुढील वाटचालीस शुभेच्छा.

Abhishek Kulkarni,
(NIT Jamshedpur)

MATRUSRI gave right foundation which helped a lot to grasp the concepts in 11th and 12th. It gave us an edge over other students. Inspiration from Joshi Sir proved vital. In Kota I adjusted well due to introduction of chapters in 8th to 10th in MATRUSRI. Content delivered during NTSE classes developed competitive attitude right from 10th. Thank you MATRUSRI staff and I really owe my success to them. I enjoyed the sessions very well.

Piyush Ambulgekar,
(NIT Warangal)

I started my MATRUSRI journey in 8th std at Bajrang chowk branch. Today I feel that I got the right guidance at right point of time. I found MATRUSRI package extensively good portraying unique standards of questions to adapt the attitude really needed for all the competitive exams and helping in academics as well. The faculty is highly experienced and I m sure whoever has been a part of MATRUSRI cannot forget them for the rest part of their life

अर्जुन माणिकराव पौळ
(NIT Nagpur)

मातृश्री येथे मी ८वी, १वी व १० वी चा फाऊंडेशन कोर्स केला आहे. याचा मला ११ वी व १२ वी च्या JEE च्या तयारीत खुप उपयोग झाला. अग्रवाल सर, जोशी सर व पंडीत सरांची शिकविण्याची पध्दत ही काही अशी आहे की मुलाला त्या विषयात आवड निर्माण व्हावी. येथे अग्रवाल सरांनी ज्या पध्दतीने मुलामध्ये Self Study व Motivate केल त्याचा सर्वानाचा फायदा झाला आहे. शेवटी मी एवढंच म्हणेल की, सर्व विद्यार्थ्यांनी JEE / NEET यासारख्या परिक्षांची पूर्वतयारी म्हणून मातृश्रीचा फाऊंडेशन कोर्स करावा.

Rakshit Kulkarni
(VIT Vellore)

I am Rakshit R. Kulkarni studying in Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. I joined MATRUSRI when I was in 8th class. In MATRUSRI I was provided with study material which contained lots of brain storming questions which strengthened my basic knowledge that helped me a lot in my further preparation for IIT and engineering entrance examinations. The lectures of all the subjects i.e. PCM were very effective. It is all because of MATRUSRI that I have made it so far to pursue my engineering from one of prestigious college in India. At the end I would thank Agrawal sir and R.C. Joshi sir who motivated me and guided me for my better future. I am very grateful to MATRUSRI and would suggest to all the aspirants to join MATRUSRI for their foundation course. Thanks.

Raghavendra Kulkarni
(Parent of Rakshit Kulkarni, VIT Vellore)

I am Raghavendra Kulkarni. My son Joined MATRUSRI when he was in 8th class. MATRUSRI is the best Institute for IIT & NEET. I thank MATRUSRI Staff for My son’s selection in one of the world class University VIT in Vellore. He is pursuing B. Tech in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering. His journey in MATRUSRI for three years was very encouraging and enjoying. At the end I would thank Agrawal sir and R.C Joshi sir who motivated my son and guided for my son’s better future. I am very grateful to MATRUSRI and would suggest all the aspirants to join MATRUSRI for their foundation course.

Ameya Deshmukh,
(NTSE Scholar)

Joining MATRUSRI IIT Foundation in class 9th  has been one of the best decision of my life so far. The Teachers, their methodology, the organized course material and regular tests make MATRUSRI the ideal destination for anyone aiming to succeed in NTSE and other competitive exams with flying colors as well as establish a solid foundation for IIT-JEE/ AIIMS preparation. Agarwal Sir, Dr. R.C. Joshi Sir and Pandit Sir along with all the other teachers helped tremendously in preparing in a proper, structured way for NTSE which has culminated in positive result. I thank MATRUSRI IIT Foundation for my success, and I will forever stay indebted to the teachers and staff for their continuous support and wonderful guidance.

Dr. Anand Deshmukh
(Parent of Ameya Deshmukh, NTSE Scholar)

MATRUSRI is well known as the best institute for IIT / AIIMS foundation in Aurangabad, and perhaps even in Maharashtra. and it has lived up to its name consistently. Our son Ameya joined MATRUSRI in class 9 and his journey of two years with MATRUSRI was a wonderful one. From conducting regular tests to paying personal attention to his progress. MATRUSRI ensured that no stone was left unturned in preparing him for this highly competitive NTSE Examination, in which he has achieved great success and a lot of credit goes to MATRUSRI for grooming Ameya in the right way academically. We sincerely thank MATRUSRI for all the efforts taken by them.

Prathamesh Deshmukh,
(NTSE Scholar)

MATRUSRI has been the most important reason, due to which I was able to qualify NTSE. Teachers like Agarwal Sir, Joshi Sir and Pandit Sir as they have teaching experience and warm and personal touch with students which is very important for growth. Agarwal Sir’s approach towards questions is the best quality of him which I try to imitate. Joshi Sir’s teaching method is fun which increased my liking for Chemistry. MATRUSRI has developed a very strong foundation of mine and I will always be thankful for their support.

Siddh Jain
(NTSE Scholar)

I was in MATRUSRI from 7th to 10th. I was able to qualify NTSE because of the constant support from MATRUSRI team. The modules helped me grip over the concepts very quickly. The efficient teaching helped me make a strong foundation in all subjects. Agarwal Sir and Joshi Sir are very dedicated, especially Joshi Sir’s motivation kept me encouraged. The tests were helpful to analyse my preparation from time to time. The competitive environment boosted my performance. I thank MATRUSRI to help me add a feather in my cap that I am a NTSE Scholar.

Prasanna Ravi Patil,
(NTSE Scholar)

I give credit to all my respected teachers for my success in NTSE stage II, I am especially grateful to Agrawal Sir, Joshi sir and entire MATRUSRI Team for their valuable guidance. I joined MATRUSRI for IIT foundation in VII class. It helped me to understand basic concepts which inculcated interest in such types of exams. Because of the efforts taken by MATRUSRI class it was possible for me to get through this type of competition. Revisions, practice of problems, solving and doubt room facility are quite beneficial to crack such exams. If one has interest and consistency then it’s not difficult to get through NTSE both levels. NTSE stage II needs extensive hard work based on CBSE syllabus, MATRUSRI conducts similar tests and daily practice assignments…Thank you so much for your support and motivation.

Ravi Patil
(Parent of Prasanna Patil, NTSE Scholar)

I am very much thankful to you because of all your efforts, my son Prasanna Patil passed NTSE stage II exam. I am happy to share my experience about MATRUSRI that my son was admitted in this class four years ago for IIT foundation, this class took every effort in shaping the dreams that turn true for the aspirants. I came to know that the team motivates all the students to get through IIT JEE Advance. Agrawal Sir n Joshi sir took lot of efforts to update the students with current pattern of exams. I am sure that MATRUSRI is the leader for such exams in higher secondary and IIT foundations. Thank you so much MATRUSRI Team.

Parent of Rohit Ghongade
(NTSE Scholar)

I am very happy to say that, MATRUSRI Foundation has not only shaped my son Rohit but also made him confident to achieve success. Teacher’s hardwork and practice of student and their daily work make students to strive hard. MATRUSRI Foundation is the only class among, being different and completely focused and well designed study material along with NTSE make it very different from others. I am thankful to MATRUSRI Classes particularly Agarwal Sir for the personal attention to student and parent.

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