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JEE/ NEET Foundation course plays a vital role in nurturing the minds of the students from an early age. It helps to bridge the gap between the school level and the level of competitive examinations (JEE/NEET). It helps the students in building a strong aptitude, connecting concepts, and solving application-oriented problems.

Foundation course reveals various levels of difficulties associated with concepts to the students at an early stage, helps them in developing confidence, tingle their curiosity and interest in the subject.

Foundation is application oriented teaching providing a competitive edge to students over the other. A student’s ability to learn and grasp knowledge needs to be ahead of the others. Starting early helps to inculcate a habit of self-study and discipline in the students in order to keep up with the competition.

Through the Foundation course, a student is made to develop the thought process in terms of its application within the time prescribed to develop time management during the examination.

The concepts that are taught in the Foundation course are developed to help learning from the perspective of competitive examinations. It assists in the long-term goal of cracking JEE/NEET examinations.

Foundation course prepares a student through its structured syllabus, in a way that concepts and syllabus of higher classes seem pretty easy to comprehend and thus builds the student’s logical reasoning and analytical abilities.

The topics in the Foundation course are connected to the current school syllabus to make it manageable for the students. This in turn leads to better understanding of the school curriculum and scoring better in the school exams.

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