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MATRUSRI is the first and one-of-its-kind institute to launch IIT and Medical Foundation in India from school level. A potter who can mould any shape easily only in the moulding phase of mud i.e., when mud is wet and soft, similarly, with its own Study material for the foundation programme, MATRUSRI has started a new trend of education wherein students start to develop the skills and aptitude needed for success in competitive exams from the school phase itself.

MATRUSRI strives to provide an early start to students to develop and master intellectual skills wherein, even an average student can excel in a systematic manner thus making learning stress-free and an experience of joy. With its study material being in sync with the different boards (state, CBSE and ICSE), Foundation provide a competitive edge even at school level.

Mr. K. S. Arvind, Chairman MATRUSRI Group, best known as “The founder of IIT Foundation” in India is a visionary driven by a mission of providing quality education to the students and schools all over India. He is an educationalist, conceptualizer, a trendsetter, author and above all, a teacher at heart. The books written by him form the core of the Foundation at MATRUSRI.

Mr. Sharad Agarwal, Director MATRUSRI Aurangabad, a passionate teacher whose creative style of teaching indulges and instills self-study attitude, a determination to succeed and kindles the inner potential in a student. Under his leadership and guidance, MATRUSRI Aurangabad has been an undisputed institute and a beacon of success for the last 13 years in Maharashtra with its results every year in competitive exams especially in NTSE, IIT and NEET.

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