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We take Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mental Ability for class 7th and 8th.

For 9th we take Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

We don’t follow any particular board. We have our own set of modules through which we teach. Rest assured that 80 to 85% syllabus of various boards is covered through our modules.

Your child can attend live 15 running classes before taking admission, which will be taken by our subject faculty so as to have an exposure of the teaching methodology followed at Matrusri.

Yes, students can ask doubts during the lecture. We also have separate doubt session of each subject every week. Teaching and doubt sessions are all live and students are encouraged to participate in discussions.

We conduct Live online classes. Your child need access to laptop/desktop/mobile, with internet connection. The classes will be conducted on Cisco Webex Meetings platform.  

We conduct regular online tests through our own Exam Portal and publish results through which progress of child can be monitored. Analysis sheet is sent to all the students on their registered email after each test. Analysis sheet includes detailed information about every question in the test through which students performance can be evaluated.   

After every test, paper discussion is done by the respective faculty, student’s approach towards the discussion and participation serves as benchmark for improvement. 

Live online classes, systematically designed syllabus developed over 25 years, expert and experienced faculty, focus on application oriented teaching and concept clearance, exposure to various levels of questions, disciplined system, regular tests and discussion and focused approach are some of the key features of Matrusri Foundation classes.

Matrusri through its own modules tries to bridge the gap between school level and level of competitive exams. Its modules are designed in a way that once student reach in  11th for JEE/NEET preparation, they don’t find any thing which they can’t relate to. There is a continuous link between our syllabus from 7th to 10th, which helps to explore a concept at a considerable depth.

If a student sincerely works on Foundation and develops self-study habits, you will notice a clear confidence in his/her school studies and will find it much easier.          

School studies in general are repetitive in nature. Even the tests that are conducted include questions from the text books. Questions are based on one concept pertaing to the topic. In contrast, Foundation is application oriented teaching including concepts of various topics in one question. The test that we conduct do not include the same question that are in the modules, however concepts are the same. By solving papers student get self motivated and develop thought process and learning to hunt their own food.

Yes. Matrusri will provide its Modules with solution books.

Through our Foundation Course, we try to inculcate habit of self-study and discipline in a student. Students are exposed to problems in which multiple concepts are applied to solve them. Through our methodology and system, students develops within themselves confidence, are self reliant and are capable to face any competitive exam, even if a student does not pursue JEE/NEET in future.

We make WhatsApp group for each class on which details of regular activities are posted. You will be assigned a WhatsApp number on which students can send their doubts or any query. We also conduct virtual parent-teacher meeting periodically. You can also call us on our office numbers to get in touch with faculties or can drop an email.


By observing your child’s participation in the class, overall interest in studies, performance in regular tests and feedback from teachers, you can gauge the level of understanding and performanace of your child.

You can visit “matrusri-aurangabad.com” and fill out the enquiry form. After which you will receive details of the online classes. Following which you can join free LIVE regular classes before taking admission.

For 7 th to 9 th standard an entrance test is conducted on Mathematics to check the basics of the student according to which admission is provided. For 10 th standard students, entrance test is conducted on Mathematics and Mental Ability.

Entrance test is based on basic concepts of mathematics taught in the school.

No, but the level of entrance test is such that student from any board (State, CBSE or ICSE) can understand and solve.

MATRUSRI does not provide scholarship based on the entrance test. Test is just to check the basic concepts of students.

Foundation is application oriented teaching which provides a base for excelling in competitive exams.

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