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Dhananjay Kharche
(AIIMS Delhi )

I applied for NTSE test series & 9th& 10th foundation course in Matrusri. It benefitted me in several ways. From the guidance of Agarwal Sir & Joshi Sir I went for further studies in Kota. There was nothing new to me as I had completed most of the basic concepts in foundation course. I like the atmosphere given here by the teachers. I like to thank all the teachers of Matrusri for providing me best guidance because of which I got selected today in the most premium institute of India.

Aditi Nagapurkar
(Solapur Medical College)

I Aditi Nagapurkar secured 176 marks in MH-CET and got state rank – 1133. Right from 7thstd. I joined Matrusri Foundation the journey continued till 10th std. the teachers support helped me a lot to crack other medical entrance exams. The foundation provided to us and the modules are really outstanding and has an array of different concepts. It gave us a vision how to proceed and really it was very exciting. The overall inspiration and the constant motivation really helped me to perform very well in the Medical exams. I will strongly recommend all the students whether willing to do IIT or AIPMT to join Matrusri. Thank you Matrusri

Rugved Navandar
(IIT Powai)

I had been in Matrusri classes in 9th& 10th for foundation and this has been very helpful for me as  far as the study for JEE advanced is concerned. The basics are important for the exam since it has    a lot of conceptual questions. Foundation is important since our basics get perfect. I thank   Matrusri Foundation Classess for all my achievements.Keep the good work going All the best.

Snehal Chandan
(IIT Powai)

Hello ! I really want to thank Matrusri for giving me exact & correct direction in 9th& 10th.   Foundation is really beneficial for cracking JEE advance. I feel that concepts should be very clear  for getting a good rank in JEE. I was in Kota for 11th& 12th and I really enjoyed studying there &  I thank my parents for giving me the great opportunity to let me learn at such academic city Kota. I also thank R.C. Joshi Sir, Agarwal Sir personally for always being their for me.

Sankalp Chapalgaonkar
(IIT Powai)

Matrusri is really good. It helped me a lot. I was the part of Matrusri for complete two yrs. They not only gave me the knowledge of studies but also ignited a concept that I can do very well at IIT’S. its not wrong to say that, first step to enter the world of IIT is Matrusri. So I am very thankful to Matrusri Foundation, specially, Agarwal Sir, R.C. Joshi Sir and Punde Sir who taught me a lot. Thank you Matrusri.

Akhilesh Somani
(IIT Powai)

I have scored 298 marks out of 504 marks in JEE Advanced and secured AIR 574 in common merit list. I was in Matrusri in std. 10th for NTSE. It is only due to the support and guidance of respected Agarwal Sir, Joshi Sir all the teaching & non-teaching staff that I stood 3rd in state’s 1st level and stood 1st in Aurangabad in 2nd level. The teachers have always guided and motivated me. I still regret for not having done the foundation for IIT. The study material of Matrusri is excellent. I would suggest everyone to join Matrusri. Thank you. Matrusri for all the help extended to me. I owe my success to Matrusri.

सुकन्या सुधीर पाटील
(IIT Powai)

I applied for NTSE test series & 9th& 10th foundation course in Matrusri. It benefitted me in several ways. From the guidance of Agarwal Sir & Joshi Sir I went for further studies in Kota. There was nothing new to me as I had completed most of the basic concepts in foundation course. I like the atmosphere given here by the teachers. I like to thank all the teachers of Matrusri for providing me best guidance because of which I got selected today in the most premium institute of India.

Mehul Mohagaonkar
(Georgia Tech University, USA)

I was in Matrusri from 7th till 10th. It played a great role in my cracking the NTSE, KVPY and HomiBhabha YSE. Moreover, it helped me with my US college admissions and gave me the intellectual edge needed to crack the subject SAT and Advance Placement (AP) exams. I am going to Georgia tech for undergraduate computer engineering. Matrusri really assisted me get into this college, ranked in top 5 in UG engineering worldwide. I am proud to be an alumni of Matrusri.

Rohan Sawant
(IIT Delhi)

Our basic concepts were cleared at Matrusri. We were very comfortable at Kota with the level of teaching & speed. Foundation helped us a lot because of which we were confident that we can achieve a better rank in JEE 2015. We were able to tolerate the pressure & competition at Kota because of Matrusri.

सावंत एस. सी.
(Parent of Rohan Sawant, IIT Delhi)

मातुश्री फाउंडेशन मुळे बेस तयार होवून माझी दोन्ही मुले यशस्वी झालेली आहेत. रोहन सावंत याने SC मध्ये 96 रँक मिळविला आहे. सोहन सावंत याने कोटा येथे पहिल्या १० मुलामध्ये स्थान मिळवून दरमहा ५०००/- रु. स्कॉलरशिप मिळविली आहे. थोडक्यात सांगावयाचे म्हणजे मातृश्री मुळेच हे शक्य झाले.

Harsh Malara
(IIT Delhi)

In Matrusri classes, the educating pattern was very good which helped me even in the schooling  pattern of 8th – 10th CBSE. It helped me in mastering basic level of Physics, Maths Chemistry which was very important for achieving good IIT rank. Even though I was not very serious about Matrusri which was a thing I will regret. It had a great hand in giving me a new way of thinking        about problems and hence made them easy. Constant encouragement by R.C. Joshi Sir and Agarwal Sir made me take an important decision of studying in Kota. The coaching in 11th and 12th in Kota, the atmosphere there, the competition there made me achieve the rank, but the base of all this was always Matrusri.

Pratiksha Bhere
(IIT Guwahati)

I joined Matrusri when I was in class 9th. The place where I realized what I wanted to be. What will have to do to for that. Here I understood what Hardwork and determination exactly mean. I always dreamt of being an IITian. But the path to reach here was shown by Matrusri. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart to the teachers… Agarwal Sir and Prod. Dr. R.C. Joshi Sir for inspiring me and giving me the courage to conquer one of the toughest entrance exam IIT-JEE. THANKS A LOT for the wonderful journey which contributed a lot in my success.

Gaurav Chobe
(IIT Hyderabad)

The 4 years of IIT JEE coaching were very enthusiastic & experience riching, especially 11th&  12th because of the great help of Matrusri classes. The concept learnt in 11th& 12th were already taught to us by Prof. Dr. R.C. Joshi sir, Prof. Agarwal Sir & Prof. Punde Sir. That helped us not only to grasp the concept more easily but also to tackle various problems of various difficulty  level. The various types of problem (solved, unsolved & brain teasers) of Matrusri modules are   parallel till date. They greatly helped us to understand the basic concepts of P.C.M. ultimately my parents & my teachers are the pillars of my performance in all the exams I have faced.

चौबे एस.एस.
(Parent of Gaurav Chobe, IIT Hyderabad)

मातृश्री foundation मुळे गौरवच्या concept खूपच पक्क्या झाल्या व त्याचा त्याला ११ वी व १२ वी IIT च्या च्या तयारी साठी खुप फायदा झाला. मी तर म्हणेल ज्याला concept करायचे त्यांनी foundation व ते सुध्दा मातृश्री चे जरुर जरुर लावावे. श्री.जोशी सर, श्री.अग्रवाल सर प्रत्येक विद्यार्थ्यांवर बारीक लक्ष देतात व त्याला अभ्यासासाठी प्रोत्साहन देतात. माझा मुलगा IIT मध्ये select झाला याचे श्रेय मी मातृश्री foundation ला देत आहे. पुढील वाटचालीस मी मातृश्रीच्या सरांना, स्टाफला शुभेच्छा देते.

Parag Gaikwad
(IIT Kerala)

I joined Matrusri in class 9th and further two  years I learnt about IIT / NIT’S which boosted my confidence regarding them. The competitive atmosphere present in Matrusri was really fruitful for me for my higher studies. Thank you Matrusri

सुवर्णा गायकवाड
(Parent of Parag Gaikwad, IIT Kerala)

पराग गायकवाड याने दहावीत मातृश्री क्लास लावला. त्यानंतर अकरावी, बारावीला तो कोटा येथे बन्सल क्लासला गेला. तेथे गेल्यावर त्याला मातृश्री चा खूप फायदा झाला. मातृश्री मध्ये सर्व बेसिक कन्सेप्ट क्लीअर केल्या जातात. अभ्यास कशा पध्दतीने केला पाहिजे याची तयारी मातृश्री मध्ये करुन घेतली जाते. अग्रवाल सर आणि इतर सर्व शिक्षक विद्यार्थ्यां कडून खूप चांगली तयारी करुन घेतात. त्याबद्दल त्यांचे आभार. IIT म्हटले की सर्वांना आधी भिती वाटते. पण मातृश्री क्लासमध्ये foundation ची चांगली तयारी करुन घेतल्यामुळे अकरावी बारावीला त्यांना त्याचा खूपच फायदा होतो. केवळ मातृश्री मुळेच पराग गायकवाड IIT चे यश मिळवू शकला, त्याबद्दल अग्रवाल सरांचे मनापासून आभार.

Dattaraj Vaidya
(IIT Indore)

The best thing in any one’s life is focus. I got my focus because of Matrusri. For studying in IIT or Medical, you must be admitted to foundation course. Foundation helped me in my studies for Best institute for foundation is Matrusri. So I want my teachers back to guide me. Teachers are very best. So I would suggest those who want to go to IIT, please join Matrusri from 6th if possible.

सौ. सुनिता वैद्य
(Parent of Duttaraj Vaidya, IIT Indore)

मातुश्री क्लासमध्ये… Head, Hand and Heart
यांची सांगड घातली जाते.

Amardeep Nikam
(IIT Dhanbad)

Matrusri classes has really helped me to develop my confidence and has also helped me to get a competitive atmosphere. The classes have really helped me build my basic concepts and develop fundamental skills of my own. The teachers here have been really helpful to me. They have been very friendly to me and helped me develop interest into physics, chemistry, and maths.

Seema More
(IIT Tirupati)

The books helped me …. Guidance of teachers also helped me. The one year teaching helped in many topics to get them understand clearly. Thank you Matrusri.

भालचंद्र भंडारे
(Parent of Arjun Bhandare, IIT Patna)

मी भालचंद्र भंडारे, अर्जुन भंडारे हा माझा मुलगा मातृश्री क्लासच्या फाउंडेशन असल्यामुळे त्याचा बेस छान झाला. त्यामुळे त्याला JEE Advance मध्ये इतका स्कोअर करता आला आम्ही पालक मातृश्री च्या सर्व शिक्षकांचे अत्यंत आभारी आहोत आज जो काही Result आहे त्यामध्ये तुमचा ही हातभार आहे. तुमचे मार्गदर्शन मुलाला आणि पालक वर्गाला खूप महत्वाचे वाटले.

Bhavesh Munot
(BITS Pilani)

Matrusri basically focuses on the method of thinking. JEE requires you to understand the question. And that’s where Matrusri has its benefit. The team of Matrusri helps you to learn what the paper setter demands. With Matrusri’s enormous experience and tremendously helpful material, one can surely crack JEE and BITSAT.

Amreen Shaikh
(BITS Goa)

My self Amreen Shaikh, I was in Matrusri student I joined Vibrant academy at Kota. Matrusri build my concepts. Everybody here helped us and inspired us. My advance rank – 2610, BITSAT score – 364, Mains score- 262. Agarwal Sir, I just don’t know what to write more. The only thing I wanted to say is Thank you. Joshi Sir, I am really sorry if I disappointed you as you always expected much more higher rank from me. Thank you for being there always.

Mayur Dhawale
(IISER Pune)

With the help of Matrusri in my early stage for the competition, I was able to get a head start. The guidance of Agarwal Sir helped me a lot. The inspiring features of Joshi Sir were the best part of my journey through Matrusri. All that I had achieved today is truly because of the efforts of my parents & teachers I owe my success to them. Thank you.

Vivek Khedkar
(NIT Suratkal)

Matrusri was where I became aware of the competitive world. I was a part of a group of focused people. And looking around slowly but steadily I started working towards my goal. The environment here urged me to study. The concepts cleared here helped me in my future endorsement. Thank you Matrusri.

Shruti Deshpande
(NTSE Scholar, State Topper)

My parents always dreamt of me securing the NTS Scholarship, for at the school level it’s the  most prestigious exam (unlike the 10th board which is what most of us think). And I am deeply grateful to Matrusri classes for helping me fulfill this dream of theirs. My experience here every hour spent here has been phenomenal, be it for the preparation of NTSE or Foundation & I am preparing for AIPMT. I believe the NTSE & IIT foundation has given me a speed start over the other kids who did not do the same. The teachers, the modules, the tests every job undertaken here will help you attain perfection. I truly recommend each & every kid in the city to join these classes for according to me, they are the best you can find.

Saurabh Kanhegaonkar
(NTSE Scholar)

It has been a long journey with Matrusri (almost 5 years) and I have definitely learnt something  new every time and they also hold a great deal of appreciation for who I am today. The classes taken in my 10th for NTSE were well organized, up-to date and most importantly a lot of practice   had been taken. The large no. of tests carried out during the Test Series were according to me, the strongest factor that helped me crack the Exam. Hence, I would definitely recommend Matrusri to my juniors and last but not the least, if it hadn’t Agarwal Sir’s and his motivation, I would not have been which I am today.

Sarvesh Purankar
(NTSE Scholar)

My main moto was to build knowledge of subjects I study. Good and motivative atmosphere created by all teachers always inspired me to perceive knowledge. Matrusri has great contribution for my NTSE achievement, Both MAT and SAT tests were conducted as per exam pattern which  I found very helpful to tackle NTSE. I am thankful to Matrusri, from where I have got such a great guidance which has been taking me to new path towards success.

Saurabh Yerawar
(NTSE Scholar)

I applied for NTSE test series & 9th& 10th foundation course in Matrusri. It benefitted me in several ways. From the guidance of Agarwal Sir & Joshi Sir I went for further studies in Kota. There was nothing new to me as I had completed most of the basic concepts in foundation course. I like the atmosphere given here by the teachers. I like to thank all the teachers of Matrusri for providing me best guidance because of which I got selected today in the most premium institute of India.

Dr. Vilas Kirdak
(Parent of Saloni Kirdak, NTSE Scholar)

Thank you sir you have done a splendid job by shaping our kids. First of all congratulation to all  NTSE scholar students also heartily congratulation to Matrusri. This class gave the proper direction and guidance to my daughter I am very much thankful to Agarwal Sir for giving timely guidance. I am thankful to Joshi Sir for his motivation & constant inspiration.

डॉ. निलीशा अग्रवाल
(Parent of Ayushi Agarwal, NTSE Scholar)

पढाई Syllabus तो हर क्लास लेता है, पर बच्चों को focus रखा जाता है, well planned syllabus, no time-wasting in between the two class. ये बहुत important है। Expericenced teachers एक खासीयत है इस क्लास की | डाऊट को important देकर solve किया जाता है बच्चा satisfy होने तक । ताकि अगला doubt बच्चा बे झिझक लेकर आ सकता है। Thank you very much sir for your excellence guidance.

सौ. प्रतिभा जयवंत नजन
(Parent of Rushikesh Najan, NTSE Scholar)

एन.टी.एस. २०१५ मध्ये माझा पाल्य ऋषिकेश यास मिळालेल्या यशाचे श्रेय मातृश्री फाउंडेशनलाच जाते. इथे क्लास लावल्यामुळे त्याचा आत्मविश्वास वाढला. अभ्यासाची पध्दत, तर्कबुध्दी यांच्या फरक ( सकारात्मक) पडला, मातृश्री ची तर खुपच मदत झाली.
शिक्षक वृंदांनी घेतलेली मेहनत, मार्गदर्शन करण्याची पध्दत यामुळे त्याचा खूप चांगला फायदा झाला. डॉ. आर. सी. जोशी व श्री. अग्रवाल सर यांच्या मार्गदर्शनानेच त्याला आयुष्याची दिशा मिळाली. पुन्हा एकदा मातृश्री टीमचे आभार.

जयवंत नजन
(Parent of Rishikesh Najan, NTSE Scholar)

प्रत्येक मुलाच्या पालकांना साधारणपणे सातवी-आठवी मध्ये मुलगा गेल्यानंतर एक चांगला क्लास शोधण्याची गरज असते. त्याचप्रमाणे ऋषिकेशसाठी आम्ही एका चांगल्या क्लासच्या शोधात होतो. त्यावेळी सहज मित्रांशी चर्चा करत असतांना मातृश्री क्लास चे नाव ऐकले त्यानुसार क्लासला भेट दिली. फॅकल्टी कोण आहेत याची चौकशी केली. त्यानुसार लगेच निर्णय घेवून सातवी मध्ये ऋषिकेशला हा क्लास खूपच आवडला तसेच येथील शिकविण्याची पध्दत व मोटीव्हेशनरची पध्दत आवडली, रेग्युलर टेस्ट व टेस्ट रिझल्ट एसएमएस द्वारा देण्याची पध्दत खूप छान आहे. मुलांना नेहमी ग्राउंड लेव्हलला ठेवण्याची पध्दत आवडली. ऋषिकेश नजन आज जो काही आहे तो केवळ आणि केवळ मातृश्री मुळेच. त्याचा पाया पक्का झाला मातृश्री मुळेच.

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