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From the desk of Director, Sharad Agarwal

Greetings, Dear Parents,

Many a time, a candidate’s understanding of the very basic concepts is not at par with the level of competitive exams. One must note that questions are generally not repeated in the competitive exams however, the concepts remain unchanged. So, it becomes vital for an aspirant to understand the concepts.

Foundation provides a platform within the students to ignite their thought process, to digest the concepts instead of mugging-up and applying their understandings to tackle any question put in front of them. Foundation is application-oriented teaching which focuses on involving the basic concepts of more than three or four topics with a twist to increase the strength of the question thus providing a competitive edge to students over the other.

To get a competitive edge, a student must understand how to begin solving of the question and in which direction to proceed to get the answer in limited time possible thus improving time management. To score well, three things are necessary:

  • – Clarity of concepts
  • – Exposure and understanding of various types of questions and the twist therein
  • – Time management

MATRUSRI Aurangabad, with its dedicated staff, well-designed syllabus, periodic tests with result, discussion, and doubt classes, provides a fulfilling and nurturing environment to instill an attitude of hard work, discipline, and self-study within a student.

I thank all the parents and students for their immense faith in MATRUSRI and assure them the best from us.

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