IIT JEE/NEET Foundation Courses for 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th Class

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    About Matrusri

    MATRUSRI is the first and one-of-its-kind institute to launch IIT/Medical Foundation in India from high school level. A potter who can mould any shape easily only in the moulding phase of mud i.e., when mud is wet and soft, similarly, with its own Study material for the foundation programme, MATRUSRI has started a new trend of education wherein students start to develop the skills and aptitude needed for success in competitive exams from the high school phase itself.

    MATRUSRI strives to provide an early start to students to develop and master intellectual skills wherein, even an average student can excel in a systematic manner, thus making learning stress-free and an experience of joy. With its study material being in sync with the different boards (namely, state, CBSE and ICSE), Foundation provide a competitive edge even at high school level.


    Our Features

    Highly Qualified and experienced faculties

    Printed courseware with solution set

    Periodic tests and doubt sessions to check the performance

    It covers the syllabus of ICSE, CBSE as well as State board

    Matrusri FAQ's

    For 7 th to 9 th standard an entrance test is conducted on Mathematics to check the basics of the student according to which admission is provided. For 10 th standard students, entrance test is conducted on Mathematics and Mental Ability.
    Entrance test is based on basic concepts of mathematics taught in the school.
    No, but the level of entrance test is such that student from any board (State, CBSE or ICSE) can understand and solve.
    MATRUSRI does not provide scholarship based on the entrance test. Test is just to check the basic concepts of students.
    Foundation is application oriented teaching which provides a base for excelling in competitive exams.
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